What is interest payment loan?

Get the financial scope you need to fulfill your dream home with an interest payment loan. You only pay the debit interest and suspend the repayment until the end of the term. In addition, you benefit from tax advantages.


The interest payment loan at a glance

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Pay only debit interest first, pay off later

With an interest payment loan, you only pay the debit interest and at the same time save money to repay the nominal amount to be paid at the end of the term. To do this, you use savings products such as building society contracts, life insurance policies or fund savings plans. You benefit from the advantages of the various savings products: With a home savings contract, you receive state support (statutory income limits apply), with a life insurance policy you cover your family against premature death. With an interest payment loan, you can enjoy tax benefits.


What is an interest payment loan for?

What is an interest payment loan for?

An interest payment loan is particularly suitable for you if you do not want to live in your property yourself but want to rent it out. Because you can deduct the interest from real estate financing against tax and therefore benefit to a considerable extent from possible tax benefits.
Both your personal tax situation and the tax framework stipulated by law are decisive.

Which savings products can an interest payment loan be combined with?

The best way to make this decision is to speak to your advisor in person. Because every savings product offers different advantages, for example:

  • Home savings contract: The loan is replaced by the home savings sum (home savings credit and home loan) when it is due. Since you have already secured the favorable borrowing rate by signing the building society contract, there is usually no longer any interest rate risk for the entire term of the financing. There is also the possibility that the state will support you financially.
  • Fund savings plan: Here you have the chance to generate income that is above the interest rate on the loan. This combination can be lucrative, but it requires a high level of risk-taking, as price fluctuations can jeopardize the repayment of the loan when it is due.
  • Life insurance: The combination of financing with life insurance offers the advantage that you insure your family against premature death. Depending on when you took out the insurance, you can also benefit from tax advantages.