Alcohol-based abstract paintings by Linda Kenski on display in the Medina Library


MEDINA, Ohio – Artist Linda Kenski’s paintings seem reminiscent of summer with their bright, swirling colors and watery effects. It is therefore appropriate that an exhibition of their work be shown at the Medina County District Library’s first summer art exhibition.

Through June 13, visitors can view 31 of her abstract paintings at the B. Smith Gallery on the third floor of the Medina Library, 210 S. Broadway, Medina.

Kenski, a long-time active member of the Medina County Art League, uses alcohol inks to paint on Yupo paper – a very slippery, tree-free, synthetic, plasticized paper. She starts with primary colors – red, blue, and yellow – and lets them “paint” as the paint slides around on the paper and mixes to create new colors.

Kenski has been painting traditionally for 20 years, mainly watercolors. She took classes with Sharon Borror and workshops with Cathy Welner, Fred Graff, Fred Leach and Mitzi Lai. She was secretary and then president of the Medina County Art League (1996-1998) and is still very active in the group.

She started painting with the alcohol inks about six years ago and enjoys the way the inks move on the slippery surface. She said other artists use the same inks and paper, but she said, “I have my own look.”

In 2012 she and her husband Tom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Now retired, they have lived in Medina County for 40 years.

She warns other painters to be careful when painting with alcohol inks, as the fumes can be toxic.

You can also find her pictures in her online gallery at

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