Art Base opens solo exhibition by Andrea Wendel

Andrea Wendel’s Purposeful Objects” will open in the Art Base on Friday. (Photo courtesy)

Basalt-born furniture designer Andrea Wendel will open an art exhibition at Art Base on Friday, showcasing her work as a multidisciplinary artist and sculptor, as well as a maker of functional furniture.

The exhibition, titled “Purposeful Objects,” features Wendel’s work that integrates functionality and art, creating unique forms with metal, wood, and color.

“I work back and forth between art, design and craft to create objects that transform a living space and enhance style,” Wendel said in an exhibition announcement. “The unexpected details that define a space are about balance and sophisticated design, as well as joy.”

The show opens with a reception at 5pm on Friday May 27th. It runs until June 24th.

The surface treatments of Wendel’s pieces use careful painting, carving, and contrasting textures. She has previously exhibited in art galleries while also working with interior designers and architects.

“Showing her meticulous attention to detail, Wendel’s large-scale works encourage conversation about form and function,” said Katherine Gray Walker, gallery director of Art Base. We are honored to host this unique exhibition.”


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