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Mare Island Art Studios is known for its creative projects, but its bird-related exhibition has really picked up steam over the past week.

Coinciding with the nearby 27th annual San Francisco Flyway Festival with many Mare Island events, the studios launched In Fine Feather, a bird-in-cloth show presented by Fiber Expressions Art Quilters.

JoAnne Lincoln, one of the artists on the exhibit and the show’s host, said the group decided in June to attempt a show that would coincide with the Flyway Festival.

“Birds are a great theme for a show, and all the artists have done a lot of pieces about birds,” Lincoln said. “Personally, I’m very fond of birds, so I just enjoyed that we decided to make this an issue.”

The exhibition made its debut last week and Lincoln was delighted to see the full collaboration between all the artists.

“I loved seeing the different styles of everyone in the group together,” Lincoln said. “There are some that are in the realism phase and some that aren’t. ”

The event featured many quilts but also a piece by Orna Pascal that resembled a large nest.

: “One thing I like about this group, Fiber Expressions, is that they made us want to challenge ourselves. There is a large nest outside the facility (points to a tower just outside the facility) so I decided this would be my inspiration. I made the whole artwork right there by piling up branches and stuff and building right there,” Pascal said.

Artist Susan Lane was also delighted to be part of the exhibition.

“There are birds all around us, and I find that the more you study them, the more interested you become,” Lane said. “They are all different sizes and colors. Personally, I like waterfowl like pelicans, so I told myself I should do more stuff like that.”

Lincoln had a few quilts on display including a raven, an owl and a large one called “The Eagle Hunter”.

“This one took me four months,” Lincoln said. “I’m used to making birds, but I never actually make people in my pieces. But for that I wanted to do this series about people and cultures and their relationships with animals. So it took me some time to make the man in this quilt just because I’m not used to it.”

Lincoln said she likes all of her artwork, but admits the one she probably treasures most right now is that of a raven.

“I think, like a lot of artists, I think that when I finish a piece, I actually don’t like it that much because it took me so long to do it,” Lincoln said, laughing. “That’s probably why I like my piece about the raven, just because I did it over four years ago. I’ve had some time to get over completion.”

In Fine Feather is on view every Sunday from 12pm to 4pm at Mare Island Art Studios. The studios are located at 110 Pintado St on Mare Island.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact [email protected]


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