Art in the City – Flagpole


ACC LIBRARY (2025 Baxter St.) Library patrons created artwork in recognition of Banned Books Week, with awards for designs that best represent the theme. Opening reception Sept. 25, 3 p.m

ACE/FRANCISCO GALLERY & OX FINE ART (675 Pulaski St.) The View From Here: Three Master Painters Consider the Landscape features recent work by John Cleaveland, Julyan Davis, and Philip Juras. Opening Reception Sept 22, 6-8pm Open until Oct 15 by appointment.

[email protected] INDIGO ATHENS (500 College Ave.) New York-based photographers Lucy Reback and Megan Reilly share a collection of intimate scenes from their relationship, in addition to snaps before they met.

THE ATHENAEUM (287 W. Broad St.) Brooklyn-based artist and educator Kameelah Janan Rasheed presents SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH OPERATOR, an exhibition exploring the poetics and power of machine learning. Until December 1st.

ATHENS INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART: ATHICA (675 Pulaski St.) Part of the gallery’s Solo Duo Trio series, Trio: Dana Jones, Sarah Hess, and Jon Swindler explores the use of found materials, abstraction, and representation through different modalities and vantage points. Until October 2nd.

[email protected] GALLERY (234 W. Hancock Ave.) “In Search of Mutisia” features three-dimensional constructions by Nancy Barbosa inspired by the landscapes of Blue Ridge, GA. Until October 25th.

CIRCLE GALLERY AT UGA COLLEGE OF ENVIRONMENT & DESIGN (Jackson Street Building) Cameron Berglund’s Design (Sketch) Process exhibition focuses on the role of hand and digital sketching in the design process. Until December 6th.

CLASSIC CENTER (300 N. Thomas St.) Spotlight: Paintings by Amy Watts presents bold, colorful canvases full of cowgirls, farmers, miners and aborigines. • ‘Light Bright’ features work by Caitlin Gal, Allison McPheeters and Alivia Patton, all using simple circles to create inspirational works.

DODD GALLERY (270 River Rd.) In “Intangible Memories,” MFA candidate Huey Lee examines the state of sound and its existence as a relic of his emotional recordings, expressed in a visual language. Until Oct. 13 • MFA candidate Meredith Emery presents Standing by the Fall, an exhibition that reflects on the climate crisis. Until October 13th. • MFA contestants Rachel Seburn and Ethan Snow introduce alternate construction methods in Absurd Construction. Until October 13th. • “Yevgeniya Baras & Pete Schulte” brings together the work of two artists to create a broader dialogue about abstraction, line and color as they coincide in contemporary painting and drawing. Until November 10th. • Atlanta-based artist Madora Frey presents a site-specific installation for the Wall Works series. Until November 14th.

FLICKER THEATER & BAR (263 W. Washington St.) Carolyn Suzanne Schew’s artwork explores daydreams, love, lust, adventure, chance, and the unlikely experience of being human in this world. Until September 24th.

GEORGIAN ART MUSEUM (90 Carlton St.) The Lived Experience of Disability Inclusion on Campus includes photographs and poetry. Opening Reception Sept 22, 6pm-Sep 30 • Infinity on the Horizon highlights modern and contemporary works that expand shared understandings of landscape. Until December 31st. • “Allison Janae Hamilton: Between Life and Landscape.” Through February 5. • Kristin Leachman: Longleaf Lines focuses on close-ups of the patterns and biology of the Longleaf Pine and its ecosystem. Until February 5th. • ‘Jane Manus: Undaunted’ is on display at the Jane and Harry Willson Sculpture Garden and comprises five large abstract works. Until February 12th. • “In Dialogue: Henry Ossawa Tanner, Mentor and Muse.” Through June 18. • “A Decade of Tradition: Highlights from the Larry D. and Brenda A. Thompson Collection.” Through July 3.

C Olivia Carlisle A collection of works by science illustrator C Olivia Carlisle is currently on view at the UGA Odum School of Ecology Gallery until May. The Old Field Ecosystem pictured above is a scaled blueprint illustration for a mural in the Biological Sciences Building that is in progress.

GLASS [email protected] (500 College Ave.) Zane Cochran presents Aurora, a sculptural interpretation of the aurora using 3D geometric figures and lights.

HEIRLOOM CAFÉ (815 N. Chase St.) Susie Burch shares A Little Of This And A Little Of That, a selection of acrylic and watercolor pieces. Artist Reception September 20, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Currently on view until October 31.

HENDERSHOTS (237 Prince Ave.) The Nirvynl Album Art Museum presents “Nirvinyl 1 Revisited & Halloween Selections”. Until mid-November.

THE FIVE POINTS BY JITTERY JOE (1230 S. Milledge Ave.) Stuart McCall Libby presents a collection of oil on paper, watercolors and photographs. Closing reception September 25, 4-6 p.m. Currently on view through September.

KRIMSON COFFEE (40 Greensboro Hwy., Watkinsville) Susan Pelham’s collages are inspired by magical realism, surrealism, nursery rhymes and fables. Until October.

ARTS CENTER LYNDON HOUSE (211 Hoyt St.) Margo Newmark Rosenbaum presents a selection of photographs from her book, Drawing with light, as well as a collection of bright paintings. Until October 7th. • Mark Johnson and Zuzka Vaclavic share a collection of wood-fired pottery. Until October 7th. • Collections from our community features Carrie Slayton’s tarot cards and crystal skulls. Through Nov. 12 • Cedric Smith presents a series of portraits for Window Works, a site-specific series utilizing the windows of the building’s front entrance for outdoor art viewing. His portraits reconfigure playing cards of kings and queens and question the absence of black figures in the country’s graphic history. Until December 21st. • “The Ties That Bind: The Paradox of Cultural Survival amid Climate Events” features sculptures by Anina Major and photographs by Tamika Galanis. Collector’s Talk November 3, 6 p.m. to November 30.

MADISON-MORGAN CULTURAL CENTER (434 S. Main St., Madison) Brad Rice presents a collection of hourglasses in the Collector’s Cabinet. Until September 30th. • ‘FARM 2022’ explores the current state of rural living in the South by connecting regional artists with local farms for inspiration. Participating artists include Keith Bennett, Chris Cook, Mollye Daughtry, Lee Harper, Elizabeth Collin Hanes, Charmaine Minniefield and Teresa Bramlette Reeves. Until October 29th.

MAURER-SCHARFENSTEIN ART MUSEUM (567 Georgia St., Demorest) An exhibition of paintings by the late Art Rosenbaum, an artist, musician, folklorist and first Wheatley Professor of Fine Arts at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. Reception Oct. 6, 5-7 p.m 13 Oct

ODUM SCHOOL OF ECOLOGY GALLERY (140 E. Green St.) Science illustrator C. Olivia Carlisle shares insect, plant, and ecosystem illustrations using graphite, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, ink, colored pencils, and Adobe Photoshop. Till May.

THE ROOK & BAUER (294 W. Washington St.) “Carnival” features works by 27 local artists including Beaux Xavier, Ed Edderson, Josh Anderssen, Gaby Dellipointi, Mary Sinsheimer and more. Until October 31st.

STATE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF GEORGIA (2450 S. Milledge Ave) Vicky Tavernier and Jenifer Borg’s joint exhibition, Words About Birds, Insights About Insects, consists of playful collages of found and modified objects with accompanying poetry. Until November 20th. SMALL ATH GALLERY (174 Cleveland Ave.) Keith P. Rein’s Prairie Dew + Pop Skulls explores a fictional world through a collection of bubblegum western illustrations. Until September by appointment.

UGA SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARIES (300 S. Hull St.) Georgia on my Mind: Finding Belongings in Music History examines the genres, spaces and performers that have helped define music in the state over time. Until December 9th. • Unequal by Design: Housing in Georgia and America draws on historical government documents, photographs, historical newspapers and other records to trace the evolution of housing policy and address issues such as zoning, gentrification and suburbanization. Until May 26th. • A Chance to Play: Title IX and Women’s Athletics at UGA celebrates 50 years of women’s athletics at UGA.

WHITE TIGER GOURMET (217 Hiawassee Ave.) “Bon Appetit!” features vivid food paintings by Mary Porter. Until October 1st.


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