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The organizers of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious wine auction are pleased to have John Lancashire (aka monday.painter) as Feature Artist 2021 in the event’s 30th year. “You can’t tell Heaven what to do” – the very special oil-on-canvas triptych collection that John created was presented at an exclusive Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction at the Muse Gallery in Havelock North last night revealed to the guests.

Kaye McGarva, Director of Muse Gallery, said, “As John Lancashire’s representative at Hawke’s Bay, we are delighted to be supporting him by offering Muse as the venue for the unveiling.”

For this year’s Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction, John painted “You can’t tell the sky what to do”, an oil-on-canvas triptych work of art divided into three canvases. The power of triptych art lies in its ability to work as a cohesive work as well as three separate works of art. Three stretcher frames measuring 910 W x 1210 H with a total size of 2730 x 1210. The painting can be seen in the Muse Gallery, Havelock Rd 5, Havelock until July 10th.

John says, “To live in a region that is tasked with growing and supplying a huge variety of valuable products. I was always amazed at the persistence and scientific nature of this “calling”. What really strikes me is that you can have all of the technology available .. all the hope and investment .. all of your ducks in a row .. you still have to deal with the elements. Hence .. ‘You can’t tell Heaven what to do’ ..

General Manager Elisha Milmine says, ‘Last night was captivating, with a charming group of people in a beautiful venue, DJ’ Larry Nobody ‘helped set the stage for the grand reveal of this year’s feature art. ‘You can’t tell Heaven what to do’ is a really extraordinary collection that John carefully created for the 30th Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction, there were many admirers last night. The collection will impressively enrich the home of the lucky successful bidder. ‘

WineWorks, Director and Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction, Main Sponsor – Tim Nowell-Usticke said, “This very special collection of triptychs that John created is a break from the form of past works of art and is sure to generate a great deal of interest in this, our 30th year. Hawke’s Bay Wine, Awaken Auction “” We’re delighted to be the main sponsor of this event, which has grown and evolved over the 30 years, as has our industry. We love our lavish Hawke’s Bay wineries, corporate partners and to support the community. ” in carrying out this great event. “

In addition to the painting, 39 lots are available, including bespoke single wines from some of the most prestigious wineries in Hawke’s Bay, collaborations between winemakers, luxury accommodations and restaurants, and a travel package. There is a wide range of quality options for bidders.

“The tickets went on sale yesterday and are quickly booked out. There are only a few tickets left for the pre-tasting, which takes place a month before the main auction. This is the first opportunity to try the special blends that will be featured at the wine auction on Saturday 18th. Sells too – “We’ve been sold out for the past 6 years, which is testament to the quality of the wine auction lots available. Join us us to celebrate, drink, enjoy and offer … “

Event details

Pre-tasting | Wednesday August 18, 2021 | Napier War Memorial Center | $ 50pp

Wine auction | Saturday, September 18, 2021 | Toi Toi – HB Arts and Events Center | $ 60pp

Tickets are available at

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