Arts Council Prepares Mystery Art Auction


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Over at the Kemp Center for the Arts, there’s walls and walls of original artwork that needs a home!

“This year not only local artists enter the exhibition. We have regional ones and even some as far away as Arkansas and Washington DC so it’s a great opportunity to support the participating artists and build your art collection. If you don’t already have an art collection, you can bid on a piece for as little as $10 for youth and $35 for adults,” said Kristen Shiplet, Arts Council development coordinator.

Of course, prices will go up from there depending on how the bidding goes.

This is the 17th year of the auction and this year there are 300 works of art. While their names are a mystery for now, more than 200 artists are taking part.

The silent auction is now online. There you can browse all the pieces [and] Start placing your bids, but the real fun is on Thursday.

“Thursday night is the grand finale of Mystery Art this year and we’ll cap it off with our live auction of 11 original artworks. So we’ve put a lot of work into this year,” Shiplet said.

Shiplet says support at this event will go a long way.

“All of the money generated by the auction, the silent and the live auction goes to our galleries, our communities’ exhibitions, art education, things that keep us alive and grow,” Shiplet said.

So if you have some bare walls that need some flair, bid!

“We want to live in a vibrant cultural community and we want people to know that there are fun things to do. There are great artists in this community and we need to support them and keep growing to keep the arts community alive here in Wichita Falls,” Shiplet said.

May the highest bidder win!

To find the link to see all the artworks in the exhibition, Click here.


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