Arts & Cultural Alliance of Freeport presents new gallery spaces


The Arts & Cultural Alliance of Freeport opens its new gallery and exhibition space in Freeport with an art exhibition from June 25th.

This is the first phase of the ACAF “Meetinghouse Arts” project at 40 Main Street in Freeport, which will include exhibition and gallery space as well as a 200-seater performance and presentation room as well as a workshop and meeting room. When completed, the Arts Meetinghouse will provide a space for the Greater Freeport community to create, collaborate, present and enjoy a diverse range of arts and cultural work.

“The opening of the gallery and exhibition spaces is a major milestone in the development of Meetinghouse Arts, a multifunctional venue that invites the entire community to enjoy a variety of arts and cultural activities in the heart of downtown Freeport,” said Nancy Salmon, President of the ACAF Board of Directors. “It will provide opportunities and experiences for residents and visitors alike, and will help illuminate Freeport as an exciting destination for art and culture.”

Construction of the additional Meetinghouse Arts space is underway and is expected to be completed later this summer.

“We believe that Meetinghouse Arts is an important part of the Freeport city rework process,” said Daric Ebert, ACAF board member and city council representative who is working on revitalizing activity in downtown Freeport. “We are working with the city to enable a thriving art and cultural community.”

The debut exhibition at the Meetinghouse Arts is entitled “A Community of Artists” and celebrates the tradition of fine arts in the greater Freeport area. It will showcase art, photography and sculptures by local artists. The show begins with an opening reception on June 25th from 4pm to 6pm and lasts until August 15th. The opening times are Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm. Upcoming events for the year include group shows, a fall festival, and a Christmas show and sale.

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