Atlanta’s Elevate 2022: Open Spaces spotlights LGBTQ artists and all visual, performing arts


ATLANTA (WUPA) – The city of Atlanta’s annual Elevate 2022 festival kicked off with an art exhibition showcasing the work of local LGBTQ artists.

The walls in the Mayor’s Pride exhibit on the second floor of Atlanta City Hall are filled with creativity and inclusivity. The art exhibition is part of the festival Elevate 2022: Open Spaces.

“Elevate is a public arts program run by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, and our LGBTQ exhibit is just one of many exhibits so it encompasses all the different art forms in all the different communities,” said the Mayor’s Office director of LGBTQ affairs Malik Brown.

The exhibition celebrates LGBTQ culture and issues by highlighting more than 30 artworks created by multiple LGBTQ artists including Stan Clark.

“I started out as an artist, like most kids do. I took a pack and crayons and some paper,” Clark said, explaining how he never put them down.

Elevate 2022 Open Spaces Festival in Atlanta

City of Atlanta

The journey took him from South Carolina to several cities in Georgia and finally to Atlanta, the city he calls home.

His work includes paper drawings, illustrative art, fine art for galleries, illustrations for publications, game design and the list goes on.

Clark described his work featured in the exhibition as “Skyy, Can You Feel Me” and called it a “riff on a Greek myth”. He said it was a depiction of Zeus as a strange god who interacted closely with mortals, and he explained how the work revealed an aspect of the art that had long been hidden throughout history.

In addition to the additional Elevate art exhibitions being shown throughout the city, there are several events open to the public during the festival.

“The Elevate Art Program represents all different cultures and art mediums, from visual arts to performing arts,” Brown said. “During Mayor Dickens’ campaign, you’ve heard a lot about his commitment to the arts community, and this is just another promise he’s making good on,” he said.

“It means the world,” Clark said. “It’s one thing to have art in galleries and it’s one thing to sell art to collectors to fill beautiful houses, but it’s another thing to make art that’s part of the city you’re in.” lives.”

It’s also another thing that the city and the public celebrate and embrace the arts.

The festival lasts until October 16th and the art exhibition stays open until October 21st.

More information about Elevate 2022: Open Spaces can be found here. (


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