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Author Eve Taylor recently published her fourth book under the pen name Eve Spirit, entitled “Hodgepodge of Life”, which contains original poems, recipes and paintings.

Born the son of an ambassador father and an entertainer mother, the Californian resident traveled the world. But her life changed when she lived without her van for a while, was diagnosed with cancer, and said she had lost everything.

During her studies, she started a first historical gathering called “Unity in Diversity” in Charles County and ended the forum with two of her original poems.

She has received awards and honors for her writings and has been quoted in a Who’s Who of Poets in America collection.

She is currently writing several new books.

How long have you been writing and how did you start?

[Being homeless and having cancer] I had to reinvent myself for a new calling and went back to college. While I lived in my van, I wrote a lot after class to pass the time.

What inspires you to write?

My mother was an entertainer and my father was an ambassador and they traveled a lot abroad. So my grandmother bought me paper to write and draw with. Because of this, I started making books and illustrating them. Later in college to graduate, I took up literature and wrote poetry. My professor had me recite it and said, “One day you will write your own books,” and through her inspiration, I did.

Do you see writing as a job?

Yes, I want to fund my community service with my writings, that’s my objective goal, and one day my life stories will be filmed. Mine too [passion for] Works of art, posters, designer clothing, manufactured items and more. I believe these projects can generate good income. My goals and imagination are limitless.

Which writing process are you using?

Just like my life experiences, which skilfully get into unpredictable fluctuations due to many series. Accordingly, I enjoy freestyle for my posters, stickers, t-shirts, art, textile design and a lot more, and my rock garden and yard dynamically display these talents. I have cultivated the ability to catch up, step outside, and think outside the box. It’s great for the mind.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

There are many good writers out there, but I want to mention a few poets like Robert Browning. His poems are known for irony and satire, which are characterized by amazing humor, social explanations and historical attitudes, just as I like to write it. Edgar Allen Poe, a writer best known for his dark poems and short stories, especially his stories of darkness, and he uses a lot of ghastly metaphors that I treasure and Poe has seen many tragedies in his life. Robert Frost’s words depicting such a thought leader of metaphors are indescribable and Agatha Christie inspires the detective in me as she is a great detective writer that I try to think like she does in order to confuse readers. I have and one day I want to produce short plays and a lifelong film about what I have experienced in my life. My motto is: It is never too late and you are never too old to fulfill your heart’s desire.

What do you want readers to know about you?

[My parents] called me unity; I was a peacemaker. I run two nonprofits mainly to help the underprivileged who are who I was when I hit rock bottom. Unlike me, however, most are not strong enough to stay positive to know after the rain shower that the sun is shining and then enjoy the rainbow and breathe in the fresh, clean air, which gives a new insight into a dilemma.

Please include a brief description of your book.

“When it comes to darkness / hope is the switch / while faith illuminates the way / trust is the key / when mercy follows / when wisdom guides all possibilities / when grace overcomes / miracles happen / thus reveals the mysteries / hence love; ends the whole darkness. “

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