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In season 13 of Married at First Sight, Bao and Zack were both put together with different spouses. New rumors suggest that Bao and Zack are involved.

on Married at first sight Season 13, the cast haven’t had the best luck with their spouses, but fans speculate that Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam found a happy ending together. Although Bao and Zack dated different partners in season 13, rumors have spread that the duo took the matchmaking chores into their own hands. Here’s everything there is to know about gossip that suggests Bao and Zack Freeman are theirs Married at first sight Spouses to meet.

Throughout season 13, audiences witnessed the dysfunctional relationship between Bao and Johnny, watching Zack and his wife Michaela Clark struggle as a duo. Before I say it “I do,” Bao wasn’t sure how their marriage would work because she knew Johnny in college. Unfortunately, her college connection ended on the wrong foot with Bao claiming Johnny haunted her during her college years. Bao and Johnny’s married life is not much of an improvement over the couple’s undergraduate stage, as Bao consistently fails to meet her husband’s rigid expectations. In addition, Zack and Michaela’s marriage hit some bumps in the road. After Zack contracted COVID-19 on their honeymoon, the couple lost crucial bonding time. Since they can spend time together, Zack and Michaela’s conversations regularly lead to arguments.

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Even though Married at first sight The decision day of the 13th season has not yet come, the fans are already expecting the divorce from Zack and Bao. In addition to the troubled states both relationships have found themselves in so far this season, rumors suggest that Bao and Zack have started their own romance since breaking up with their reality TV spouses. Corresponding Soap dirt, Bao and Zack were spotted spending time together in Houston. This first meeting was dismissed by some skeptics as two new friends getting to know each other Married by sight Fans. In fact, both Bao and Zack responded to the article speculating about their romantic relationship, claiming that “They just ran into each other at an art exhibition.” New evidence for Season 13 alumni in town calls into question their shared opposition.

Zack on Married at first sight MAFS

After Zack and Bao claimed they accidentally met, rumors of the couple’s romance fell silent, but another update on the season 13 cast’s burgeoning relationship has put the duo back in the spotlight. Soap dirt reports that more fans shared stories about their encounters with the mismatched couple in Houston. It is possible that Zack and Bao will deny the rumors about their new relationship because their nondisclosure agreements require that they not disclose anything about their current relationship status. A Redditor, Careless-Exam-5623, claimed the season 13 co-stars are likely dating because “Bao is friends with most of Zack’s family on Facebook.” This resulted MAFS Detectives believe that Bao and Zacks’ relationship is more than just a friendship.

Zack and Bao could still be married to other people Married at first sight, but these rumors suggest that Michaela and Johnny’s days are numbered. From their time together in art galleries to Bao reaching out to the entire von Zacks family on Facebook, this couple is MAFS Season 13 cast members could be breaking new ground when it comes to the reality dating show. Although there’s no confirmation, fans believe Zack and Bao will be the first Married at first sight Performers to meet with stars from the series with whom they disagree.

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