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Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions travels to Houston for their latest auction and the list has a wide variety of vehicles to buy.

(Full disclosure: I am a former Barrett Jackson employee.)

The auction runs from September 16 to 18 and takes place in the NRG Center. Side note: The NRG Center is located next to the Astrodome and it’s on my bucket list to see the 8th wonder of the world. Dear blue!

Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the Lone Star State and accept the auction in person. But I’ll follow the auction and see some of the more interesting selections from the list sell. I love classic cars, but after working in the collector car sector, you see a lot of Chevelles, Mustangs, various Mercedes and a Bentley handle.

I’m not complaining about this at all, but the problem is that seeing lots of SS Chevelles in pristine condition can make you a little desensitized. Eat ice cream for lunch every day and you wouldn’t be too excited to have Baskin Robbins for dessert.

So for me, I dig the unconventional and unique vehicles on every auction slip. They may not have the highest hammer price, but they stand out in a world of Corvettes and Porsches. Here are a few selections I would love to buy if I won Powerball.

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