Believe it or not, a 60-year-old receipt for “invisible art” is selling at auction for nearly $1.2 million


Many works of art are occasionally sold at auction. But have you ever imagined a receipt for the sale of an “invisible art”? And that too for almost 1.2 million dollars.

Well, you have to do that, as really happened at an auction recently. The art lovers were surprised when this unthinkable incident actually happened.

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According to media reports, the receipt for the “invisible art” by French artist Yves Klein is over 60 years old.

It was purchased by a private European collector with a bid of $1,151,467.40. It was far more than the expected $551,000 bid, according to United Press International.

The December 7, 1959 receipt is part of Klein’s Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility imaginary art series. In it, buyers would see empty spaces filled with “pictorial sensibility in its pure state,” according to Sotheby’s.

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“Yves Klein’s work stands alone as an original example of what can be explored through this technology,” says the auction catalogue.

The original purchaser of the receipt was antiques dealer Jacques Kugel. It is one of over 100 items to be auctioned from former gallerist Loic Malle’s Only Time Will Tell collection.

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