Belvidere mural is due to be painted this weekend.


BELVIDERE (WREX) – A new mural will be painted in downtown Belvidere this weekend during Belvidere Heritage Days.

Jay Allen is the mural project coordinator for the mural, which will be across from the Boone County Museum of History.

Allen says this work of art is a tribute to another local work of art.

“The local former car dealer Jack Wolf hated that the mural was shabby,” he said.

“But Jack decided that his final gift to the community was to honor the Elderedge Automobile that Mark (the artist) had made on the original mural.”

When it comes to the painting crew who are working on the mural, Allen says they are top notch.

“We have the best painters and artists in the country here,” he said.

“I’m so happy to be able to call them friends.”

As pieces keep popping up in the area, Allen is reminding residents of the importance of art in the community.

“Modern man was defined when he started using symbolic thinking,” he said.

“Symbolic thinking was that humans tell their story on the vertical surfaces in which they live,” said Allen, looking at the wall.

The mural is to be traced on Saturday and painting will begin on Sunday.

The mural is on the corner of State and Locust in Belvidere.


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