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Located in historic Helena Hall, Taylor Art Gallery is home to the Boren Collection of Western Art. This collection is the legacy of Leland and LaRita Boren, longtime residents of Upland and staunch supporters of Taylor University. This art heritage is the result of decades of labor of love: collecting Western and Native American artifacts. The Boren collection previously adorned Boren’s headquarters, AVIS Corporation, in Upland.

Opening hours of the gallery

During the summer months we prepare for our full opening in the fall. Please check again at the beginning of August for the opening date. During the academic year the gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 5pm.

Location and parking

You are welcome to park on the north or south side of Helena Hall. Enter the gallery through the east doors (at the top of the stairs).

Gallery visit experience

Admission is free. The gallery is housed on three levels of the building.

level 1

The ground floor/basement exhibit area is currently showing the water media paintings by James E. Boren (1921-1990). Although not related to the Boren family, this master painter was clearly a favourite. The collection has more paintings by this artist than any other person, including a number of oil paintings. Remarkably, the paintings on level 1 are mainly done in gouache. This opaque (not transparent) watercolor is unique for its pastel-like qualities.

level 2

In the entry level rooms and alcoves you will encounter modern day working cowboys, paintings and sculptures by Native American artists and paintings depicting scenes from the 1870-1910, the “golden era” of the American West.

level 3

Offering the most space, the top floor of Helena Hall demonstrates the Borens’ broader range of artistic tastes. In these galleries you’ll see more working cowboys and Native American motifs, as well as western landscapes, scenes from the Old Southwest, portraits and paintings of the four-legged friends – Texas Longhorns and American Buffalo – who lived on the Boren Ranch south of the Highlands. Also on this floor is a working classroom with paintings chosen to appeal to a wide range of visitors: university students, school-age children and visitors to the community.

Contact us

Do you have questions about visiting with a group, about artworks or are you looking for more information? Contact Kenton Stiles, director of the Boren Western Art Collection at 765-998-4561 or email [email protected]

Art at Taylor University

Want to see more art while visiting Taylor University? The Metcalf Visual Arts Building is a short walk east of Helena Hall and is home to the Metcalf Gallery, which often features work by students and visiting artists. Learn more about studying art with Taylor.


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