BTS ARMY celebrates RM’s birthday with virtual 3D galleries, forest


It is RMhas birthday and ARMY (Fans of BTS) celebrate all over the world!

BTS‘Leader and main rappers, Kim Namjoon or known artistically as RM celebrates its 27th birthday on 12th September, and fans are throwing a party with virtual galleries, forest fundraisers, fundraisers, and more.

Check out how ARMY from around the world is celebrating RM’s birthday below.

A lover of art and introspection, RM is known for browsing museums and art galleries and doing so in honor of the ‘Moon child’ act ARMY artists from all over the world came together to host a virtual art gallery.

Manufactured via design platform ohay, Fans have brought their BTS leader-inspired art to the gallery for visitors to enjoy virtually in true RM-style. As part of the gallery there is also a live chat where you can connect with other ARMY. View the gallery here.

In honor of RM, a Philippine ARMY organized a fundraiser to plant trees in the Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines. This is the latest edition of the fan base’s Tree Drive, Kim Namjoon PH who have led the project since 2018 and have planted 800 trees in the last two years.

ARMY around the world have also hosted ‘Tree 4 Joon’ Campaign that raised over $ 5,000 in support of Planted a tree, a global charity that supports reforestation efforts around the world.

Birthday posters are a given for any Idol birthday, and ARMY didn’t disappoint when it came to RM. Check out some of them below.

ARMY in Singapore has started a fundraiser in support of this Very special art Singapore to honor them ‘Seoul’ Hitmaker.

Celebrate RM’s birthday here with his latest solo track ‘Bicycle’.

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