Colorful Buddhas painted by an Orlando artist decorate the walls of Savoy during Pride Month


Buddha figures painted in bright colors adorn the walls of the Ivanhoe Village Club Savoy, known as the local hangout for LGBTQ +, in a series for Pride Month.

The large canvases, most of which measure 48 “by 48”, are the work of Orlando artist Fritz Stinebaugh, who is inspired by Asian art.

“This is my meeting point in the neighborhood. And then they let me have a show here, that was pretty cool, ”he said. “I love Asian art and everything that has to do with Oriental, Japanese, Chinese and spiritual … It’s something like Zen.”

Stinebaugh was a lifelong artist, but made a living designing and building swimming pools, and later working with water gardens and koi ponds. Since retiring to focus on art, the painter has split his time between Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, creating large canvases and murals.

Stinebaugh has worked for years to sketch the ideal Buddha figure and eventually land on one that “had the right feel and the right look” before his show opened in early June.

“I wanted to do something for Pride Month and I decided to make a couple of Buddhas of all sorts of colors,” he said. “They look a bit similar, but each of them is different. I use a lot of textures and I use some really old, funky brushes. And I use chopsticks. “

One painting has gold leaf on the top layer while another shows a collage of blue fish. A particularly wide canvas shows a colorful Buddha with Asian chalks and patterns.

Though the paintings might fade into the background for some Savoy guests, Stinebaugh said many Bargos have become aware of this.

“I’m surprised how many people notice [the paintings]. I think it’s because they’re all something people identify with or have seen before, ”he said. “The show was very successful. I’ve sold over half of the pictures. “

When you go

“Buddha-Licious: A Collection of New Paintings by Fritz” will be on display on N. Orange Ave. during Savoy’s opening hours, Monday-Friday 2 pm-2am and Saturday-Sunday 12 am-2am. To be seen in Orlando in 1913. Most of the paintings are listed for $ 950 and will be on display throughout the summer. For more information, visit or

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