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WATERTOWN – A North Side resident continues efforts to turn her home into a community arts enclave. Three exhibitions are planned for this summer.

“I just wanted to expand on what we did last year and create a good atmosphere with a few local artists,” said Alice Elisabeth Waite.

Ms. Waite is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Art History. She was born in the UK, grew up in New York City and has been involved in art since childhood.

She and her partner Julian Mangano moved from New York City to the north of the country in 2016 and bought 5 acres in Lewis County, where they started the small organic farm Della Terra. The couple live in Watertown and commute to the farm near Whetstone Gulf State Park.

Last year Ms. Waite created a Midsummer Dream exhibit at her home at 536 Mundy Street. She was inspired by the pandemic that gave artists no physical opportunity to display their work. She looked around the site of her home on Mundy Street on the north side of Watertown, and it was built in 1888 and found a solution. Using social distancing and other pandemic guidelines, she was able to host “Midsummer Dream,” which attracted nearly a dozen artists. The popularity of this prompted them to extend its course.

Now Ms. Waite has planned three weekends for her “Garden Galleries” at home. She described the weekends as pop-up art shows. They will showcase the work of local artists as well as live musical performances from Bella Phinney, Brittany Cean, Gary Walts and Joey Collins.

“For me it is important that the music and everything works as well as the visual aspect,” said Ms. Waite. “So far I have several artists from last year who have returned to participate, including Sharon Hughto of Fibonacci Gallery and Boathouse Studios, and Kristy Hoover who will be taking over the garden again with her amazing ceramics and sculptures.”

The three garden galleries take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. The dates: 12.-13.

“Otherwise, the exhibitions only take place by appointment throughout the season,” said Ms. Waite.

The pandemic protocol is in use, she added.

“We’re all doing new artwork and music, and we hope to bring a collaborative, creative atmosphere to the north side of Watertown,” she said. “I would like to transform the house into a permanent gallery situation, maybe in the future. It’s an older house that needs some maintenance so I work my way up to get the whole house in tip-top condition. I definitely want to have art all over the house all the time. That would be a dream for me. “

Ms. Waite’s “Into the Light” art exhibition at the River Muse Art Gallery in Clayton has been extended to the end of June.

The details

– WHAT: Pop-up art exhibitions with live performances.

– WHERE: The house of Alice Elisabeth Waite and Julian Mangano, 536 Mundy St.

– WHEN: 12.-13. June 10-11 July and August 7th and 8th.

– ENTRY: No fee.

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