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Which photographer wouldn’t want to have his best shots in hand as successful fine art prints? But it’s a long way. Our range of articles in the new c’t photography issue 04/2021 on the subject of fine art prints guides you step by step from the recording to the finished print.

Go on a search with the fine art photographer Ronny Behnert for motifs that attract and hold the viewer’s gaze. Using six examples, he explains simple but effective design elements.

Thomas Bergbold will then take you into the world of fine art paper. It clearly explains which papers have which properties and for which motifs they are suitable. Whether glossy barite or Asian Washi papers, Bergbold knows and names manufacturers and the properties of the individual surfaces. He describes the coatings and how they influence the image expression and the lightfastness.

The author then guides you through the calibrated workflow to the printed image. He gives tips for monitors, printers and software. If you do not have your own print shop and would rather see what your own pictures will look like on fine art paper, you will find tips and information on service providers and their services in the article “Art prints from service providers”.

Content of c’t photography 4/21

Inspiration and creativity for every day: How about exercising with the camera every day? Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? What if you go out with your camera every day and have fun, relax, surprise yourself or just take pictures without paying attention to perfection? Does that sound promising? Then our article 20 Minute Photography is for you. Take time for yourself and your own hobby every day, try out new things in a relaxed manner or discover exciting motifs in your own environment – you can start today with the inspiration and exercises from Carsten Schröder.

Lots of focal length for little money: Long focal lengths don’t have to be expensive. We looked at zoom lenses with focal lengths from 70 to a maximum of 500 millimeters, costing between 550 and 1500 euros. Our test shows what photographers get for it and what restrictions can be expected.

Wildlife in front of the camera: If you want to photograph animals, you don’t have to go to the Alps or take long-distance trips. There are animal neighbors near your own home who are ideal as models. Radomir Jakubowski will guide you to the front door and explain how you can spot and photograph animals there.

Entry into a fantastic hobby: Above all, parents or grandparents who like to take photos want their offspring to be enthusiastic about their hobby. The photographer and media educator Katrin Voll explains how this can be achieved. You will also receive tips on which cameras are suitable for children of which age and how children use them according to their age.

Build bellows devices yourself: With a self-made bellows device, you can adapt large-format lenses, use lenses from enlargers, penetrate far into the close-up range or construct a light leak lens. We will show you how to produce your bellows device by hand and how to implement various projects.

The contents of c’t photography 4/2021 at a glance:

Portfolio Hengki Koentjoro

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