Edwardsville Art Fair 2022 Artist Previews for Cristina Nunez, Eliza Piazza, Jennifer Mallory-Welch


Editor’s Note: In partnership with the Edwardsville Arts Center, The Intelligencer is releasing previews of all artists appearing at the 2022 Edwardsville Art Fair. This is the second story in the series.

The Edwardsville Art Fair will be held Friday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 25th at City Park in downtown Edwardsville. The art exhibition features the original works of about 100 artists as well as local food and drinks. The Edwardsville Art Fair is a three-day opportunity for families to see, make and buy art.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the participating artists:

Stage name: Cristina Nunez

Location: Columbia, MO

Artist statement: none

Stage name: Eliza Piazza

Location: Evansville, IN

Artist Statement: I love creating beautiful things that inspire and connect people deeply. Nothing is more satisfying and it feeds my soul. Some of my inspiration comes from favorite books, stories, images and symbols, as well as a deep respect for life and love for nature. When my pieces speak to others, I’m grateful for where my journey as an artist has taken me.

Stage name: Jennifer Mallory-Welch

Location: Jacksonville, IL

Artist Statement: I create uplifting canvas images that reflect how people spend their free time. Bright colors, close-ups, and unique perspectives help add fun and whimsy to the chosen subject.


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