Eisenman’s paintings back on the New York art scene at Hauser & Wirth


Elsewhere, anomie animates several works, including reality show, a treatise on the harmful attraction of procrastination. A peek through an unfinished exterior wall, it shows an obviously depressed couch-bound figure watching television while ignoring a Henge-like array of unlaid bricks awaiting his attention. Depictions of freshly poured mortar with blobs of thickly applied pigments protruding over the upper edge of the canvas may sound like an allegory for the artist’s block. Meanwhile, despair of a more existential kind is spreading The edgean almost abstract landscape with a silhouetted baby carriage on a beach at sunset as a seabird (the Old seafarers Albatross?) follows above like a harbinger of crosses to be carried.

quieter in tone, The abolitionists in the park, shows a large, multicultural group of protesters attending a Defund the NYPD rally at City Hall. However, instead of getting caught up in the heat of protest, they are seen at night at rest, sleeping on the floor, or chatting. Painted at the height of excitement over the murder of George Floyd, The abolitionists commemorates an event already remembered due to waning interest and reactionary backlash. Yet the way the artist has composed this work captures a moment that transcends time.


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