Elden Ring Fan creates an impressive painting of Lichdragon Fortissax


When asked in which dragon fight elden ring was the best, most players will mention either Lichdragon Fortissax or Dragonlord Placidusax. Reddit user TheVilebloods was particularly fond of the former, so much so that the elden ring The player made a painting based on the encounter.

Finding the Lichdragon Fortissax boss fight requires some work, as players will need to reach Deeproot Depths – something that’s easier said than done, as two Valiant Gargoyles point the entrance to the location. Once there, players must reach the throne of the Prince of Death and defeat Fia’s champions. After Fia’s quest line progresses far enough, she will move to this area and players can give her the Curse Mark of Death to complete the quest line. After talking to her three times and entering the deathbed dream, the fight finally begins.


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What sets Lichdragon Fortissax apart is its lightning abilities, as the beast constantly spawns red lightning bolts down its sides to make it difficult for the player to land hits without taking damage. His most memorable move involves crafting two large electric bidents and lifting them in the air before landing an attack. This image is unforgettable, making it the perfect focus for TheVilebloods digital fortissax painting.

Instead of going for something photorealistic or replicating one of them elden ring Tapestry paintings shared, TheVilebloods piece has its own unique style. Taking a slightly minimalistic approach, the piece is bursting with color with the light dragon soaring into the sky, two prongs in hand. His wings are clearly visible, as is his neck, using a lot of red to make it look like lightning is being used. The Redditor said their goal was to capture the “feel” of this well-hidden encounter, and they certainly achieved that.

While the light dragon may be the focus of the play, it’s not the only thing worth appreciating. The player makes sure to include an two-handed-wielding Tarnished glaring at the boss, and the player character’s small size is a great way to reflect the enormity of Fortissax. The glowing water is another nice touch, while the dead foliage in the corners of the piece and the water itself help reflect the decaying landscape in Deeproot Depths. Not surprisingly, other players loved this piece, with all the comments either praising the art or joking about how they’ve seen too many dual katana builds.

With so many outstanding bosses scattered across the Lands Between, the artistic members of the elden ring Community has no shortage of unforgettable moments to recreate. However, this homage to Lichdragon Fortissax is particularly standout as it sets TheVilebloods distinctive style apart from other fan art.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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