Exclusive unveiling for the new art lithograph by Alex Ross Kingdom Come



25 years ago, the comic book industry was rocked by one of the most influential and formidable superhero series to ever land on planet earth. This legendary four-issue DC Comics miniseries, co-written with Mark Waid and superbly illustrated by a young Alex Ross, was called Come rich and his revolutionary painted works of art and intense storytelling raised the medium to a stratospheric level.

Now superstar Alex Ross is celebrating the occasion by releasing a never-before-seen one Come rich Fine art lithography for this year’s virtual Comic-Con @ Home as online exclusivity from July 23rd at 12 noon ET – and SYFY WIRE has a special first look at the deluxe anniversary piece as well as a new information video about its creation.

Rich come the 1996 Eisner and Harvey Award-winning publication that made Alex Ross an international sensation remains a must-have that is still as fresh and up-to-date as ever.

This dynamic Ross illustration captures Superman and his allies at a tense moment in the New Oa war room, and outlines the strategy for the inevitable battle looming on the horizon. Your mission is crystal clear: restore balance to the world and hold the ruthless new generation of superheroes accountable.

“I had to put a lot of extra time into this piece to render these future versions of DC characters with their changed looks,” explains Ross in the new video. “To show what happens when they are 20 years older and many of them have been replaced with surrogate mothers who are the younger people who show up.”

Each dramatic 48 “W x 22” H-Piece is hand-signed by Alex Ross, reproduced as a giclee on Elegance Velvet Canvas and individually numbered from a total of 25. The price per print is $ 1,395 and includes an official certificate of authenticity.

For more ordering information or to be on the waiting list, visit Alex Ross Art HERE.



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