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The world is currently experiencing a pandemic and as people take on and face the challenge of a new normal life, they are being navigated to more and more digitized platforms. Art galleries are one of the many companies that have adapted easily to the situation and an industry that is currently thriving from selling online. The global online art market has doubled in value in the past 2 years from $ 6 billion to $ 12 billion (2019/2020) and is expected to continue to grow.

Aartzy is an online art gallery that has taken advantage of the physical limitations of the pandemic. This is a company that started out in 2018 as a simple online store that sells painting, Sculpture and Digital Printing is now a professional institution that not only trains and inspires emerging artists, but also works with artists, their families and stakeholders to build a platform that supports a larger faction.

“One day I was looking for street art. It was a dark and drizzling day and unfortunately I only found one artist that day selling his art from the back of his van. He was a street artist who made his living selling his paintings, mostly to tourists too. ”That was the beginning of Aartzy, as was told by Janaka, its founder. With over 2 decades of professional experience in business administration, Janaka recognized the urgent need, the potential among local artists and the lack of representation and took it as a task to give artists the opportunity.

According to Janaka, credibility and reliability are essential to ensure a company’s trust and growth. Although it has been a little over 3 years since Aartzy was founded, which is relatively young for an ecommerce website; Their professionalism, commitment, and product and service effectiveness have been recognized by the Corporate Livewire Canada Prestige Awards team as “Canadian Art Store of the Year 2020/2021”. The success of their work has been widely recognized and can be seen as a significant achievement for this young company.

With this recognition, many international artists turned to Aartzy to exhibit their work. While the focus was initially on local artists, they have now opened doors to international artists as well, recognizing the overwhelming response they continue to receive. The Aartzy team believes that artists should focus on focusing on their respective craft and improving their artwork while selling their work should be left to professionals. This is Aartzy’s commitment and commitment to providing superior service to artists while their fees are significantly lower when compared to other platforms. This is an extremely profitable arrangement for artists as the main goal of Aartzy is to improve the living and working standards of artists.

Joining the Aartzy network is a simple process accessible through www.aartzy.com. Once registered, a representative will contact the artist to personally explain the process and sign a contract that will mark the beginning of a fruitful relationship. Any artist who would like to become part of this award-winning team can obtain further information in the terms and conditions of the seller Sell ​​on Aartzy. Then all you have to do is fill out the form and send it to Join as a seller and the Aartzy team will be in touch.

As Henry Matisse said: “Creativity takes courage”. Because of this, Janaka and the Aartzy team really took up the challenge of going against the norm and starting this wonderful company that gives artists the opportunity and freedom to create beautiful works of art. Aartzy invites all emerging artists to join this global brand as they plan to grow into an artistic superpower. The future certainly offers Aartzy many exciting opportunities and has really been a beacon of hope for both professional and emerging artists from all corners of the world.

The Aartzy team can be reached via [email protected] For more information.

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