Explorer finds “eerie” paintings in a hidden Shropshire cave



An intrepid explorer has discovered a hidden cave in a beautiful location in Shropshire, covered in “creepy” paintings.

Brendan James found the “creepy” network of caves during his lockdown adventures in Limekiln Woods, Telford.

The 29-year-old, who films his travels on YouTube, said he could only stay “a few minutes” in the secret location.

Speaking to BlackCountryLive, he said, “The cave was so scary and I could only stay in it for a few minutes.

“It took hours to find them by piecing together landmarks like a jigsaw puzzle.”

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After entering the cave, the full-time content creator noticed evidence of fires and even a cave painting of stick figures on the wall.

The most recent drawing was made in the style of a caveman painting and shows someone shooting with a bow and arrow.

He said, “I was amazed that you could get up in the cave.

“I was careful the whole time and definitely didn’t want to stay there too long.”

The painting in the hidden cave in Limekiln Woods, Telford.

In his video, Brendan advises viewers against visiting the cave themselves as he is unsure of how secure it is structurally.

Located in Limekiln Woods near Wrekin Hill, the cave is one of the most biodiverse areas in the parish.

Father of a Brendan says he had to stay closer to home during the coronavirus pandemic, gave him a new appreciation for those around him.

He added, “People don’t know what’s right on their doorstep.

“My original plan was to travel around the UK to learn more about different subcultures.

“But just as I started my YouTube channel, the pandemic struck and I was forced to look closer home.”

Brendan uses social media and word of mouth to find the best areas to explore.

He has previously worked in media and uses his skills to film and edit his videos.

His YouTube channel now has more than 3,000 subscribers.

The cave in Limekiln Woods, Telford.
The cave in Limekiln Woods, Telford.

He said, “It created a real sense of community.

“People go to the places I visit and they can enjoy them for themselves.”

Brendan films his explorations with friends, some of whom he met through his adventures.



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