Extensive collection of Christmas items a big draw at the upcoming Frederick auction | sale


A large auction this Saturday could be an ideal stop for some last-minute Christmas presents, with auctioneer Howard Parzow saying it’s one of the largest batches of Christmas memorabilia he has ever seen.

The auction is taking place in Building No. 12 of Frederick Fairgrounds at 797 E. Patrick St., and Parzow and others were busy preparing the room on Thursday afternoon. Dozens of tables lined the building, each filled with a part of the huge collection of Christmas items.

Parzow said a significant portion of Saturday’s auction was dedicated to the estate of a family that has amassed thousands of Christmas items.

“What makes it unusual is the amount of Christmas things and the quality that this family has collected,” said Parzow. “To find so much in a collection from one house is a rarity.”

A pre-Christmas auction has been an annual tradition at Parzow for years, and he said when he took this lot he knew it would be perfect for this auction. In his opinion, Saturday’s event could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for serious collectors of Christmas memorabilia.

Some of the most sought after items Parzow expects are dozen of figurines depicting Santa Claus and other Christmas figurines made by Vaillancourt Folk Art, a Massachusetts-based jewelry maker. Each of her figurines are hand painted, which makes them unique – and some sell for hundreds of dollars.

Parzow also pointed out a number of Byer’s Choice Carolers, often selling for around $ 80, along with a selection of Santa Claus figurines from the Lynn Haney Collection. According to Haney’s public Facebook page, the Texan artist has been making finely detailed Santas since the late 1980s, and a search on eBay shows that many of his figurines sell for between $ 200 and $ 400.

The collection is remarkably well preserved, said Parzow and suggested that it be a must for collectors of this and other artists.

“I’ve been in the Frederick auction business for 46 years and this is an incredible collection,” he said. “The quality of this stuff is amazing.”

Christmas items won’t be the only things on display, however; Parzow said in addition to this large property of vacation supplies, goods from several other properties are being sold, including everything from Lionel train sets to horror comics, from prayer rugs from Saudi Arabia to 18th century ship suitcases.

Parzov encouraged those who plan to come earlier. While the auction itself starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, the doors open an hour earlier. Parzow recommends that first time auction visitors come there when the doors are open, bring a notebook to write down which items they are interested in and make a plan of how much they will spend on them would.

Since there is no minimum cost for any of the items, Parzow expects everything to sell quickly.

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