Hoffman Center Fundraiser has Tiny Galleries Raffle on display at Wonder Garden through July – Tillamook County Pioneer



Delight in small art galleries with original paintings, drawings, writings and ceramics created by local artists and installed at the Hoffman Center for the Arts for the month of July. These Lilliputian art galleries are perfect for visiting with family and friends. They can be viewed free of charge at any time of the day at Hoffman Wonder Garden, 595 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, Oregon.

Buy a $ 10 ticket to win one of the five galleries! The proceeds from this raffle will help fund the Hoffman Mission to provide affordable arts and cultural events, courses, and presentations to the Hoffman community.

These five exquisite Tiny Art Galleries are on display at the Hoffman Center and the Hoffman (wonderful) Wonder Garden. It shows art created and donated by local artists Chris Biegun, Emily Ransdell, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Lloyd Lindley, Susan Walsh, Pam Greene, Tammy Litwinchuck and William Walsh. If you’re passionate about the little art (like many of us), each gallery is being raffled off for $ 10 per ticket to support the Hoffman mission of providing affordable, high quality, and creative opportunities to our community and visitors. The winners will be drawn on August 1st and the winner must be able to pick up and move their gallery.

Click here for more information on the Tiny Galleries

Tickets in advance until July. The raffle winners will be notified on August 1st and must be able to pick up their own small art gallery. These cannot be sent.

For information on each Tiny Gallery and to purchase tickets for the raffle, click the links below:

Tuscan Green Library



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