House of the Dragon’s Lava card table is a new old Westeros reference


A lot happened in the season finale of house of the dragon: dragon fights! Judicial intrigue! Impending war!

But one thing caught my eye more than the rest, and that’s that sickly glowing card table in Dragonstone. Westeros has never looked better.

Known as the Painted Table in Thrones Lore, it was originally commissioned by Aegon I while planning his conquest of Westeros. The table is shaped like Westeros and glows, almost like lava flowing through molten rock because of candles underneath. And the effect jumps off the screen.

Image: HBO

First of all: love a Good fantasy map. This is the stuff of the genre and the more tangible the better. (Here you have an interactive Map of WesterosHave fun.)

And that’s exactly what this card is about. Not only does it look cool, although it undoubtedly does. The intricate design and the different visible textures make you want to run your hands over it. Or maybe you just want to play a huge game risk (I know I do, and I clearly do some of Rhaenyra’s advisors).

The Painted Table made a few appearances in game of Thrones Show; This is where Stannis Baratheon meets with his advisors in Dragonstone, and it reappears later Daenerys own conquest. But nowhere else does it look as cool as here.

Daenerys Targaryen and her advisors standing around the painted table (without ill lighting) in Game of Thrones)

Image: HBO

This is something A great history can (and does it here) well, Elevate the world of the show as we know it and deepen even that most boring historical facts as we know it. Here we see the world as it was at its peak when people knew how to use the damn cool looking lava table. It’s not too different from the show’s relationship to dragon; in thronesthey are a remnant of a bygone era, but here we see them in full force.

house of the dragon‘s The production design has been outstanding throughout its run, and props like this set it apart from some of its competitors in the fantasy TV space. It’s sick and was supposed to be the show’s new season 2 opening.


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