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Samsung Electronics’ The Frame Art Store embodies the digital-physical blend that is taking over today’s art experiences, enabling widely recognized galleries, museums and artists to bring their masterpieces to users around the world through the flawless digital display by The Frame to emulate use the experience of a physical exhibition.

Melanie Mikecz, a mixed media artist and illustrator from San Francisco, USA, takes these experiences to new heights with her combinations of naturally occurring patterns and hyperbolic expressions to masterfully blend the worlds of painting and graphic design for all art fans of all ages.

To learn more about how technology is helping Mikecz create art that inspires artists and enthusiasts alike, Samsung Newsroom sat down with her to learn more about her creative journey.

▲ Melanie Mikecz

Q: You specialize in a mixed media digital style that enchants children and adults alike. What inspires your work?

I have a background in painting and graphic design. I have found that the combination of painted elements and new technology gives me the greatest artistic freedom. I’m not limited by the limitations of traditional media, but at the same time my work has more texture and depth than digital media alone.

I’ve always been inspired by naturally occurring patterns and vibrant color palettes. However, I always like to add a twist to my work. Be it by overdoing the color or creating an imperfect pattern. Now that I have children, I am also influenced by their interests and aesthetics.

Q: When creating art, was your original intention to appeal to all age groups? Or was that a natural, organic reaction to your work?

I don’t know that I was consciously trying to create art for all ages. Rather, I enjoyed making art that was vibrant and a little bit funky. I have always loved drawing animals and creatures, it appeals to children. My more abstract works are aimed more at adults. However, I think there is a lot of overlap between the two styles.

My Art Store collection for The Frame has vibrant color palettes and imaginative creatures that enchant children. At the same time, I think many adults will enjoy bringing some color and energy into their living spaces through my work.

Q: What do you think of the Art Store as a piece of technology that should be integrated into children’s homes?

I could imagine the Art Store having a positive impact on the children’s development as it introduces them to a changing art gallery. By regularly rotating the art on The Frame, children are presented with a variety of artists, styles and themes. I think this can stimulate children’s own creativity as well as spark larger conversations.

Q: As you said, your illustrations are known for their vivid color expression. How does The Frame show this aspect of your art?

The frame shows colors better than traditional print media, so my artwork is much more vibrant on screen than it is on paper or canvas. The texture of my work comes out well on The Frame as well. Additionally, being a digital display allows my work to be shared with a wider audience.

Q: What drew you to collaborate with digital art platforms like Etsy and The Frame’s Art Store?

I’ve been marketing my work on Etsy for years as it’s a great way to sell my art direct to the consumer. When I first heard about The Frame I thought it was such an innovative concept. When Etsy and Samsung approached me about sharing my work in this way, I was keen to get involved.

Q: What was your favorite piece that you showed on The Frame? Why?

my piece Enchanted Sea is one of my favorites because it bridges the gap between abstract art and illustration. The cool color palette of this piece has a modern beach vibe.

▲ “Enchanted Sea”, Melanie Mikecz

Q: How does the presentation of your work work on a digital platform like the Art Store benefit art enthusiasts and consumers alike?

First off, using The Frame to display art when you’re not watching TV is so much nicer than just having a blank black box on the wall. I also think it’s super fun to be able to swap out the artwork on display based on mood, season, vibe, or any other reason. For example my piece Sea turtles swim could be displayed in warm weather or when you are dreaming of a beach vacation.

▲ “Sea Turtle Swim”, Melanie Mikecz

However, my piece called Mountain adventures by the sea might be displayed more appropriately in winter.

▲ “Mountain Adventures by the Sea”, Melanie Mikecz

This collaboration with Samsung and the Art Store is also the first time I’ve worked with a partner to display my work exclusively digitally. I appreciate the time it takes to curate the collections at the Art Store and how painstakingly the artist is honored. The way art is carefully selected and displayed gives the Art Store the sophistication of a museum collection.

Q: Ultimately wWhere do you see the future of art exhibitions?

The protection of the artist’s intellectual property will continue to be a priority in the future. I also expect to see smaller displays similar to The Frame throughout the house, as well as more prominent digital-based displays in the wider world as digital art exhibitions become more popular.

To see more of Mikecz’ artwork, including Enchanted Seabe sure to visit the Art Store on Samsung’s The Frame.


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