Howard University is partnering with Amazon Studios – The Hilltop for the third year in a row

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Howard University’s communication and visual arts students now have the opportunity to network and expand their expertise through a new program in partnership with Amazon Studios.

Jennifer Salke, director of Amazon Studios, is working to bring the entertainment industry towards college students and create a new generation of black production and arts professionals.

“Amazon Studios has worked to open new avenues into the industry for talented students from all backgrounds, and we are proud to be partnering with Howard on this new program to support aspiring entertainment leaders,” said Salke.

The aim of the program is to enable black students to work closely with entertainment industry executives and to give them an early stage experience with highly respected professionals in the fields of development, casting, marketing, production, business, and music. Amazon’s industrial partners offer marginalized students a helping hand to give them better insight into their future careers.

To participate in the program, students must be in their third year of study and have majored in music, arts, theater, film and television, public relations, marketing, or management. You can also participate if you are a sophomore law student. Candidates go through a rigorous application and interview process in order to be considered.

The curriculum of this partnership has brought big names to the industry in the past. This includes Ashley Blaine, Susan Watson, and MACRO CEOs Charles and Stacey King.

The project brings improvements for both Amazon Studios and Howard Entertainment by allowing students on the program to make managerial decisions about what goes on behind the scenes.

The impact of the partnership on students is also to reaffirm knowledge of their intended career paths and enable them to have experiences that start their careers much earlier.

In a video on the program website, Z’Kijah Fleming, a member of Howard Entertainment’s first cohort, said, “This experience has led me to cement my career plans and make dreams much more tangible.”

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