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ONE Japanese color poster for the 1965 re-release of the 1954 black and white film sabrina. A 1965 conceptual Polish poster Per Ptaki (The birds), Alfred Hitchcock’s (in the local spelling Alfreda Hitchcocka) 1963 published Ode to Fear. The Italian poster of the 1967 James Bond film You only Live Twice (Si Vive Solo Due Volte) and several drafts for various Star Wars films. These are some of the original movie posters from around the world on auction from Sotheby’s in London, with online bids also being accepted until February 8th.

Prices start at £300 (about $400) for two house stills Disney’s 1953 Peter Panand estimates go up to £30,000 for 1962 Original poster by dr Nothe first James Bond film.

The lots on offer could appeal to those still looking for art to display on a wall or an investment to touch rather than an NFT stored on a blockchain.

La DolceVita doesn’t come cheap

The collection of 102 posters and still images includes many iconic pieces. The black and white frame from the 1967 poster for The graduate, featuring the classic lines ‘Benjamin – do you dislike me?’ ‘Oh no Mrs Robinson, I think you’re the most attractive of all my parents’ friends’, has a starting price of £900. A limited edition poster for Robert Bressons Masterpiece from 1983 L’Argent, signed by the director and the poster’s designer, graphic artist Raymond Savignac, has a starting price of £1,200. The original Japanese poster for Hiyao Miyazaki’s cult 1988 animated film Tonari No Totoro (my neighbor totoro shown as a double bill with Studio Ghibli Tomb of the Fireflies) starts at £1,200.

Some of the posters in the auction are likely to be the domain of experienced collectors for valuable pieces. This includes the 1960 Italian poster for Federico Fellinis La DolceVita, which starts from £14,000; the rare design for the 1980 UK launch The Empire Strikes Back, from £10,000; and the striking 1968 poster for Stanley Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (Bids accepted from £8,000).

But there are also several more accessible pieces for sale. This includes the poster by Pierre Etaix for Jacques Tatis Classic from 1958 Mon uncle (current bid £2,000), a captivating oversized photograph from the 1920 set The cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Cabinet of Dr. Callegari)and a stunning Brigitte Bardot on the 1958 Japanese poster for Cette Sacree Gamine (naughty girl)goes for just £500.


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