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While Abii In 2011, she earned a degree in scenography from Sangmyung University as she enjoys reading plays and visualizing theater sets. Her student hobby was porcelain painting, which influenced her career choices (leading to six years as a professional porcelain artist). your interest in tattoos arose from the desire to see her work beyond porcelain and paper. She enrolled in a tattoo class in South Korea in 2019 and has been working at a Bucheon studio ever since. Part of the new generation of Korean tattoo artists, she focuses on fine line micro tattoos – remakes of famous paintings and nature scenes.

Above: Abii’s porcelain art (aka Chinese painting).
A conversion of an
A conversion of an “Abii Collage” into a tattoo.

For many Westerners, we are not used to tattoo academies. Please explain what and where it exists and how the course was?

There are many ways to learn tattoos in Korea, but finding a way to translate my painting style into tattoos was important. So I went to my favorite artist (@soltattoo) to learn his technique and I applied to the tattoo academy he runs. He mainly recruited people who could express their painting and taught courses focused on techniques to implement the style of painting with tattoos. So the first thing I had to do was submit my portfolio.

Birds are a frequent theme in the artist's work.
Birds are a frequent theme in the artist’s work.

In which city was the academy? How long was the course?

Sol’s academy was in Seoul. (Currently the academy is closed.) The program lasts three months. I learned the basics of tattooing such as B. using tattoo machines, needle types and ink properties, and then practiced with my designs on fake skins. It involves a procedure that only those skilled in the use of machines and needles can perform on real skin.

Gimpel, a concept for the next tattoo.
Gimpel, a concept for the next tattoo.

Do you think there will be a surplus of tattoo artists because of these academies?

Yes, more and more tattoo artists are emerging with different styles, moods and skills. Since tattoos are so popular, I believe there will be more customers looking for tattoos at the same time as workers.

Hummingbirds colored in a fine line style.
Hummingbirds colored in a fine line style.

So you only see this as positive for the tattoo industry?

I am neither positive nor negative; I observe the phenomenon. I agree that the position can be narrowed down a bit when there are more tattoo artists, but I don’t think there’s much to worry about for a talented artist (as long as you do your best and strive for artistic exploration). So what I wish for from this phenomenon is that the tattoo industry thrives and that becomes the right culture.

Abii took part in a show called Artists/Insa Art Center.  In Seoul.
Abii participated in an exhibition entitled Artists/Insa Art Center. In Seoul.

Why not just become a porcelain artist? What’s so important about having your work on someone’s skin?

Porcelain painting is still a fun job, but for now I want to keep it as a hobby. Tattoos are attractive because they draw images that stay on the body for the rest of life and I should be responsible for every moment.

Abii created the floral work you see here.
Abii created the floral work you see here.

The themes you explored in porcelain are now explored in tattoos. So that was a relatively painless transition for you?

Yes that’s right. After a period of learning tools and techniques, the materials and canvases have initially changed to needles and skins, but my artistic activities remain as they are.

My tattoos are usually detailed and have a feminine flow and color. If I decide on a specific genre, it could be a realism tattoo. I like to express my mood with bright colors (like watercolor) while keeping the realism tattoos. unique in completeness and sophistication. I am particularly drawn to the works of Impressionist painters (like Monet and Van Gogh) who use bold brushstrokes to express colour, Renaissance masterpieces with a story, the beautiful feather colors of birds and the fluid flow of plants.

Hydrangeas with a soft, elegant appearance.
Hydrangeas with a soft, elegant appearance.

What is an “Abii collage”????

I drew the same design on porcelain and skin. It was a project that tried to explore the area where the lines between these two arts are blurred. â??Abii Collageâ?? is my signature design that creates a new image by combining famous paintings with ancient bird encyclopedias.

Abii, a tattoo artist from South Korea, in the studio.
Abii, a tattoo artist from South Korea, in the studio.

Where do you go when you want to see nature?

I prefer places with sea and mountains, and such places are not far from cities in Korea. If I want to feel like I’m traveling far away, I go to Jeju Island.

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