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– A community in Raleigh say they are furious after a racial slur was painted on a driveway. Matt Moore says he woke up and “[Expletive] Lives Don’t Matter” written on his property.

Now neighbors in the Renaissance Park community are calling for accountability and the culprits to be caught.

“It’s very much an invasion,” Moore said. “It’s at the end of a dead end street. You literally have to want to be here… it’s not a straight line where you’ve seen something and moved on.”

Moore said he believes vandals attacked him over his yard sign that reads “Black Lives Matter” and “Science is Real.”

“I don’t see why anyone would be intimidated by a front yard sign,” Moore said.

Gerald Givens of the Raleigh-Apex NAACP said the organization monitors such incidents.

“Unfortunately, that happens far too often. Almost every day I get a call from someone who has experienced something like this at work, at school, in a public place,” he said.

Givens said he’s even received a round of hate mail in recent weeks.

“It hurts. It hurts. It’s demeaning because you’re a person. You are human and you matter,” Givens said.

He finds that it is difficult to track down perpetrators.

“We track these things here at NAACP. What I always do is encourage people when they experience something like this to calm down first, write down the experience and then go through the proper channels to notify law enforcement, the supervisor, whoever is in charge of the area in which the incident occurred,” Givens said.

“Our society will change and get better as we pass stricter hate crime and discrimination laws.”

Neighbors at Renaissance Park say racial vandalism will not be tolerated.

“It’s just unthinkable,” said Amy Crum. “For us, it’s about the inclusion of everyone, but also about the fact that hatred has no place here.”

Racist graffiti found on slide in Raleigh Park

Moore said this is his third sign, with the first two being stolen.

“I don’t feel attacked. I feel sorry for anyone who is intimidated by a plastic sign,” Moore said. “How sad is that? I’m just expressing my opinion and they lash out.”

Rather than remain silent, Moore wants to do more to shed light on the matter.

“I ordered another one just in case. I pledge $500 to BlackVotersMatterFund.org in honor of whoever did this,” Moore said.

“I have a feeling we’re going to get bigger and better signs.”

City of Raleigh crews arrived Wednesday morning and removed the graffiti from the driveway.

Prosecutor Daniel Meier said the vandalism was difficult to prove as a hate crime. However, damage to property is applicable, but only a misdemeanor.


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