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800 artists, 7,000 works from Japan, and the trend is rising – a new worldview is taking shape

When TRiCERA ART was born in 2018, the online art universe was already teeming with art forums of all kinds. Online galleries doing business worth millions of dollars worldwide were more than abundant. What could a new online gallery add?

What was new then? What’s new now

For one, having a global online gallery based in Japan was unique. And it still is. It has also grown to be one of the largest of its kind in the world. Starting with just over a hundred artists until the end of 2019, TRiCERA ART now represents more than 5,000 artists from over 100 countries. It has expanded well beyond its native Japan, particularly across Asia. No other platform brings these artists together in a searchable market and gallery.

The platform engages the world and its customers in eight languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese and more – so it is not initially obvious that TRiCERA ART is a Japanese platform at all. But there are some pretty solid indications, including extreme friendliness and speed in customer service and responsiveness; flawless packaging for a safe delivery that is as good as new; an unwavering “customer is always right” attitude towards the generous free worldwide shipping and 14-day free return policy; and the inclusion of a certificate of authenticity on blockchain.

Available artworks in TRiCERA ART

If you’ve been to Japan before, you know that these virtues have a dimension that is more culture than business strategy. But as the popularity of Japanese cultural artifacts and pop culture grows through Japanese games, manga, cuisine, and anything sweet, international art lovers are discovering an important window to Japan through TRiCERA ART.

What makes this opportunity to connect with Japan unique is the direct connection to the work, vision and experience of individual artists in the country who inevitably create a deeper, if more subtle, sense of themselves and the place in which they live. convey.

Artists like Hiroki Takeda, for example, are certainly representative of Japan’s reputation for exquisite attention to detail – no less in watercolor. Takeda is no stranger to cute either, as his depictions of some of the most feared creatures under his brush would not be complete without the presence – truly the essential composition – of something like a butterfly and delicate flora in the abundance of vivid colors.

We would also like to mention the amazing craftsmanship of Ishii Nobuo, whose works of painting and sculpture bring together numerous styles into a larger whole that can be compared to Japan’s historical mastery of many styles and techniques that originated outside its borders. And Ishii did not devote his creative potential to the visual arts until he was 60!

Japan brings fresh blood to them

Available artworks in TRiCERA ART

Equally popular on TRiCERA ART is Todoroki Tomohiro, who finds a way to make the skimpiest lines you will ever see unabashedly cute with solid panels in boldly contrasting colors.

“The popularity of contemporary art is booming in the world market, and it is also booming here in Japan,” says Tai Iguchi, CEO of TRiCERA, Inc. “But many great artists remain hidden. They could even be our biggest – and TRiCERA is there to give them the chance to reach the world. “

“And we’re there to give the world a chance to meet the artists,” continues Iguchi. “TRICERA ART started with a passion to find great new artists. We found a lot! And we are just as passionate as we were in the beginning to find more. In addition, we are developing ways to become more involved in the entire art market and the artist development process, with the ultimate goal of overcoming all barriers between artists and art lovers – wherever they are in the world. “

According to the philosophy of art as universal and limitless, your first encounter with TRiCERA ART will not immediately provide an opportunity to browse for countries. Instead, you’ll find endless paths through styles, genres, materials, and motifs – and even conveniently sorted by price. It’s easy to forget about your country search once you’ve looked into the other ways to find art on the website that appeals to you.

Try it! What is your taste? Often the style, genre, motif etc. are decided for you in an encounter with art. Not here! Use TRiCERA ART’s search and sort tools to see what the world’s artists can do with any particular topic you like.

And then, after exploring for a while, click the “Artist” link. From there, you can select countries like Japan, which is represented with more than 800 artists and more than 7,000 works. Searching for countries gives you a refreshing overview of the places in the world. You will particularly enjoy the rich representation of artists in Asian countries. It’s a great way to visit and connect these countries without traveling, a connection made even more beautiful by the sensitivity of the artists who are passionate about it.

TRiCERA ART’s global online gallery is available and ready to use at https://www.tricera.net.

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