Jenks High School Seniors Share Excitement for New School Year, Painted Parking Lots


JENKS, Okla. –

Students in many Green Country school districts had their first day of school on Aug. 18, and for some they said it was a relief.

Seniors in particular are hoping for a year without cancellations and disruptions.

The Jenks High School principal said the first day went smoothly.

The students also said they were excited to return to the new normal and overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

“I’m not sure because anything can happen at any time, but right now I have a feeling it’s going to be cool,” senior Kaden Hawes said. “It’s going to be a good year”

For the 850 Jenks seniors, their high school experience was a roller coaster: in and out of virtual learning, mask requirements, and cancellations.

Jenks High School Seniors Share Excitement for New School Year, Painted Parking Lots

“It’s been a really tough year during COVID and I’ve had to recover from junior year, but Jenks has been a really good help to me through that, and my advisors and teachers have been a really good help to me this year,” said Senior Daunte Kozikuski.

Seniors are marking their seniors and their parking lots with colorful paintings of original art, pop culture and things that helped them get through the pandemic.

“So my parking lot is friends-themed,” explained senior citizen Cora McVay. “This is my favorite series on TV. It actually taught me a lot, just life lessons and stuff like that and how I wanted to grow older.”

Principal David Beiler said that students really benefit from a creative outlet, as well as structure and routine.

“So what we’re seeing is when we can definitely establish that consistent schedule, consistent expectations of the classroom, that’s one thing that helps them, but what really helps them is just having a creative staff that’s really going to cares about motivating students,” said Beiler.


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