Kizer establishes a local artist gallery at the Visit Owensboro location


Aaron Kizer is opening his first of what he hopes to be several art galleries for local artists at Visit Owensboro’s 2nd Street office.

Kizer was hired to renovate Visit Owensboro’s office in February, beginning with new paint on the building’s facade and new window decals.

Inside, Kizer said one of the things he wants to bring to the place and city is a fully locally-centric art gallery.

“I may not know, but I don’t see many places in the city where local artists can exhibit their work,” Kizer said.

That’s why he wants to offer artists of all ages the opportunity to present their work on a larger stage.

The gallery will only feature local artists other than itself once fully up and running. As the gallery begins the application process, Kizer is exhibiting his painting of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

He plans for it to become a rotating gallery, with art being swapped out quarterly to give more people a chance to be recognized by the community.

“The ability to have recognition fuels the urge to keep making art,” Kizer said. “It’s something that a lot of people in the creative field suffer from.”

He said growing up in Owensboro there weren’t that many ways to find recognition, so he wants to help make it easier for those who are looking for it.

Kizer plans to open a second location in the city, but a location has not yet been announced. After that he hopes to take the galleries to different cities – with the ultimate goal being Chicago.

“I plan for this to happen in at least 20 other cities and some major cities,” he said. “One place I want to go is Chicago – I work there a lot and I know this city well.”

The gallery is accepting applications on its website starting this week with a submission form. Kizer hopes to have the gallery full by the end of May.


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