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Hesitants looking for last-minute Christmas gifts aren’t alone – they’re the majority this year, according to Klarna’s Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Survey, which revealed a flurry of unconventional consumer trends spanning a year of radical change in retail .

Klarna, a payment provider and shopping service, surveyed over 40,000 U.S. consumers and found that 79 percent of shoppers gave up their Christmas shopping by the last minute and planned to buy gifts within two weeks of Christmas, the company said.

And surprisingly, 64 percent of last-minute shoppers say their last Christmas shopping is in the store, while 55 percent said they’ll likely buy gifts online even if those items don’t get delivered by Christmas Day.

In terms of retail, 27 percent of last-minute shoppers will only go to stationary stores in 2020 if pick-up options are available at the roadside. But “11th hour shoppers” or 35 percent of those surveyed are a riskier bunch; these professional procrastinators have saved their Christmas shopping for Christmas week.

The most popular category for last-minute gift items is apparel with 78 percent clothing and accessories, followed by electronics with 45 percent; Gift cards at 44 percent; and housewares at 33 percent. Younger generations are looking for small, independent brands for gifts, with only 26 percent of silent-gen shoppers and 34 percent of baby boomers saying they will shop for small and independent brands this year, versus 45 percent of Generation Zers and 43 percent of Millennials Klarna.

Respondents largely agreed that jewelry was the best gift ever received. Over 2,000 of those surveyed said rings were their most popular Christmas gift to date, followed by other popular gifts such as gift cards, money, cars, watches, and handbags listed.

According to a recent survey by Klarna, last-minute shopping this year will be a mixture of in-store and online.
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As for the strangest gift ever received? “The strangest gift is one that everyone still needs. When asked what they think is the strangest gift they have ever received, the top responses from respondents – out of more than 3,000 respondents – were socks, Klarna said.

For gifts that simply don’t arrive on time, 45 percent of last-minute shoppers state that they will give a photo of the gift or a promissory note as a “placeholder” until the gift arrives, 28 percent of those surveyed. Alternatively, gift cards are a popular last minute option. 44 percent choose to leave the choice of gifts to the recipient.

David Sykes, US chief executive at Klarna, said his survey revealed “many interesting consumer shopping trends that retailers should consider when counting down to the holidays. Minute gifts this year. “

As the delivery windows end this week, brick and mortar retail will grow in importance for every age group planning their final Christmas shopping in the store: 67 percent of Gen Zers, 64 percent of Millennials, 63 percent of Gen Xers, 58 Percent of baby boomers and 57 percent of silent gen-ers plan to shop at the last minute in the store, the survey found.

“This applies to all age groups, including the digitally inclined younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials, and shows how valuable the shopping experience is in-store – even in today’s climate.”

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