Lewiston artist in shop window at Gritty’s



“Classical Guitar” by Thor Smith (woodcut block print) Submitted photo

Thor Smith is the artist on the Art and Ale window at Gritty’s in Auburn this month.

Born and raised in Saratoga, New York, Smith led an interesting life that is manifested in his artwork. After high school, he went west where he studied fine arts at Purdue University, anthropology at the University of Buffalo, and special education at Western Governors University. After all, Smith settled on the banks of the Androscoggin River in Lewiston and made Maine his home for the past decade.

Smith has worked as a commercial photographer in Chicago and Dallas and his experience as a commercial photographer and painter influenced his unique style of woodblock printing. He takes inspiration from culture, music, anime and dance.

After exhibiting all of his work at Kimball Street Studios and twice at She Does’t Like Guthries and now at Gritty, his presence in the L / A art community has been noticed. At the state level, his artwork has been exhibited along with prominent New England printmakers at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell and is part of the virtual exhibit for the Union of Maine Visual Art LOVE / RAGE Goddess exhibit.

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