LiveArt provides AI-supported market insights for the art market


Auction houses, appraisal and finance companies, banks and galleries can now leverage LiveArt’s industry-leading products to improve their services and grow their business SeoulAuctionBlue is the first partner to use LiveArt Enterprise Edition to support its fractionation, appraisal and rating services

LiveArt announced the launch of LiveArt Enterprise Edition, which empowers auction houses, valuation and finance firms, banks, galleries, consultants and other art market operators with industry-leading AI-generated analytics and data to gain a competitive advantage and grow their business. SeoulAuctionBlue, a subsidiary of Korea’s largest art auction house, Seoul Auction, is the first art platform to invest in LiveArt Enterprise Edition to support its fractionation, appraisal, and appraisal services for clients Asia and global.

In just over a year, LiveArt’s unparalleled data offerings and AI-generated solutions are already being used free of charge by over 100,000 and counting individual collectors, dealers and art market professionals. The new LiveArt Enterprise Edition is a significantly enhanced version of these tools, providing an all-in-one solution for the art trade to track the market moments that impact businesses and customers the most.

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LiveArt Enterprise Edition features include:

  • API integration with internal collection management software
  • Access to over 10 million real-time updated auction records and live streams from the 25 leading auction houses worldwide
  • Advanced analytics powered by AI, including artist indexes and momentum scores, as well as LiveArt Estimate™, an estimated fair market value generated from a proprietary algorithm that incorporates real-time data from across the global marketplace.
  • Benefits of the MyCollection™ tool for tracking collection value fluctuations at a holistic level and for each individual artwork
  • Real-time notifications when new artworks are available from artists in your own collection or when a new auction record is set
  • Connection to the LiveArt Trading Floor
  • Exclusive access to insights into the latest developments in the global art market

“Auction houses, consultants, appraisers and others working with clients across the art market have historically had to rely on disparate sources and tools to inform traders. This has limited the ability to evaluate the market holistically at any time. LiveArt Enterprise Edition provides, for the first time, a single, centralized solution for real-time data and analytics on a global scale, enabling trading partners to increase efficiency and confidence in decision-making, and ultimately grow their business,” said Boris PevznerCo-founder and CEO of LiveArt.

“LiveArt’s enterprise analytics provides us with unique market insights that are essential to our decision-making process. Whether we’re buying, selling, or fractionating art, the analytics generated by LiveArt give us the confidence to evaluate the market on a global scale. After using and evaluating other products, we chose LiveArt for its unparalleled depth, analytical platform and industry expertise,” he said Bong LeeFounder and CEO of SeoulAuctionBlue.

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