Local artists at the Reno Tahoe International Art Show


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, California — From north to south, the Lake Tahoe Basin is a hub for local creators, artists and designers. For the first time, members and visitors of the Tahoe community can experience a highlight of the work of local and international artists at the inaugural Reno Tahoe International Art Show, also known as RTIA, taking place September 9-11 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno.

In a proactive effort to showcase the region’s vast array of regional talent and bring together artists from around the world in one location, this event brings together the communities of Reno and Lake Tahoe to showcase what’s happening in the Reno arts and culture scene /Tahoe is similar.

“Many artists and organizations work with more of an ‘island approach’ and we can bring them together with the regional artists in one place to present to the attendees to ultimately send the message that this is what Reno/ Tahoe is,” said CEO and co-founder of RTIA Briana Dolan. “We have this tremendous base of artists and talent near and far, and we look forward to showcasing that in Reno.”

Scott Forrest of Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio.

With an effort to bring local arts organizations and individual artists together in one place, Dolan and co-founder Kevin O’Keefe have been working to make this event a reality for over a year. Dolan is optimistic not only about the inaugural event, but also about what this event will do for the Reno/Tahoe arts community.

“It was always the overall vision with the ultimate goal of positioning Reno and Tahoe and the region as an arts and culture destination, as a center for emerging arts,” Dolan said. “People don’t typically associate that with the area right now, and we want to be able to change that perception in a positive way.”

With the intention of providing a fresh look at the Reno/Tahoe arts and culture scene, the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority is a banner sponsor for the event and looks forward to supporting and promoting the South Tahoe area.

Artwork by local Truckee artist Susan Bloom.
Provided/Susan Bloom

“Our participation is through sponsorship and activation of the Visit Lake Tahoe brand to promote the South Shore of Lake Tahoe to show attendees,” said Tony Lyle, LTVA Chief Marketing Officer. “Because of our sponsorship, RTIA has provided the Tahoe Art League with a pavilion space, called the Visit Lake Tahoe Pavilion, that will feature South Shore artists and their work.”

With the event in the early stages of planning, O’Keefe and Dolan visited Scott Forrest, owner of Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio and Tahoe Art League board member, to discuss bringing the Tahoe element to the RTIA and getting Tahoe involved Art League in the event.

“That [Tahoe] The Art League has been around since 1964, predates the city itself by a year, and is the oldest nonprofit in the area,” Forrest said. “The Art League has done a lot for them [South Tahoe] community.”

With private panel space at the RTIA, Forrest will be hanging the art for the show and creating an art gallery that effectively showcases the regional artists at the Visit Lake Tahoe Pavilion.

“That’s what a community can do together, people don’t know what they don’t know,” Forrest said. “It’s great to sit down and discuss plans for not just this show, but other plans for Tahoe with pillars of the local arts and cultural community, and it makes it even more exciting for this event for years to come.”

In addition to the Tahoe Art League Pavilion, the event will feature exhibits from many individual local artists and organizations.

A local North Lake Tahoe artist, Susan Bloom, is excited to showcase her art at the event.

“I’ve done over 300 paintings and lately I’ve been working on getting more exposure to the local art community,” Bloom said. “As soon as I saw the RTIA I contacted them to ask about the criteria and was just thrilled to continue to be involved in such a great event that brings the local arts community together.”

Artwork by local Truckee artist Susan Bloom.
Provided/Susan Bloom

In addition to Bloom’s artwork and the Tahoe Art League, viewers can enjoy other local Tahoe art from the Piper J. Gallery, Mountain Arts Collective, Marcus Ashley Gallery, Tahoe Fluid Art and many more local galleries and individual exhibitors. Viewers can also enjoy live music, award-winning screenings, Burning Man art installations, an awards ceremony and real-time interactive art boards.

“There is no way this event will fail,” Forrest said. “This is too good if run by good people, this will make RTIA a huge success and really honor the artists of the region.”

For more information on the Reno Tahoe International Art Show, visit: https://www.rtiashow.com.

A full list of exhibitors can be found at https://www.rtiashow.com/exhibitors.

Madison Schultz is a reporter for the Tahoe Daily Tribune, a sister publication of the Sun.


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