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A beautiful painting by Lynn Boggess will be on display on Friday, September 10, 2021 at 7 p.m. as part of a party honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Tom Isaac auctioned. Online bidding starts on August 30th. Mrs. Sissy Isaac and the Greenbrier Historical Society are hosting the party in the backyard at 1168 Washington Street, West, in Lewisburg. Tickets are available at 304-645-3398.

Dr. Isaac, or “Tom” for all of his many friends, moved from a very successful veterinary practice from Charleston to Lewisburg after his retirement. He and “Sissy” immediately became supporters of many organizations, including the Greenbrier Historical Society. During his time there, he was a board member, chairman of the finance and events committee, and treasurer.

In 2019 Tom was honored with a “History Hero” award from the Department of Arts, Culture and History of the State of West Virginia for his outstanding work in supporting and advancing the history of the Greenbrier Valley. Tom rarely ran into a party he didn’t like, whether it was just him and Sissy in their back yard or down on Second Creek, or hundreds attending a party he helped organize. He was a wine connoisseur and an exceptional cook.

To further honor his memory and to support a cause that was close to his heart, a painting by Lynn Boggess was donated for auction at the event. All proceeds go to the Greenbrier Historical Society.

Boggess does not name his pictures in a conventional way. They are named after the day on which they started making this film “23. October 2008 “were ready. It measures approximately 40 x 45 inches and is a wonderful fall scene. The painting is currently on display at the Greenbrier Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau in Lewisburg.

On his website, Jennifer Hall Boggess notes: “Lynn Boggess grew up in rural West Virginia where he spent his days roaming hills and creeks. His first pictures reveal a precocious understanding of nature. In these early works the viewer can recognize tree species, atmosphere is present in the hilly landscape and representations of streams are imbued with memories and knowledge of what was under the great rocks and sand…. Then, one fine day in 2000, he decided to take a break from the studio and went outside to do some nature studies. On a whim, he picked up a cement ladle that was on a table by the cellar door. The trowel gave him an immediacy that a brush could not. Because the tool could cover large areas quickly, it was able to accurately capture a specific time and place. In addition, the thick paint behaved almost like a sculptural medium, which gave the paintings an increased physical presence … “

His work is exhibited in coast-to-coast galleries, including the Cooper Gallery in Lewisburg.

The auction of this spectacular piece by Martha Hilton of Fathom Realty will take place live during the party at 7:00 p.m. and online via Bidding Owl before and during the live auction. Please visit the Greenbrier Historical Society website at or for more information on online bidding.

Janice Cooley, President of the Greenbrier Historical Society, said: “We all miss Tom so much and we cannot think of a better way to celebrate his legacy and the wonderful man he was than a party in his honor.”

Tickets for the party and auction are available until September 1st by calling 304-645-3398. The event takes place in the back yard in the open air with a tent as protection if necessary. Due to the current Covid situation, adjustments to the starter service will be made if necessary.

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