Mary Patterson, Andy Dykeman, Steve Moseley | The devil inside


The devil inside

Exhibition celebration on Saturday, October 8, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m

Artists have created depictions of the devil, Satan, or Lucifer since the beginning of time. Not really, but our fascination with good and evil did. We’re delving into the subject this month with three artists sharing their perspectives on the subject. One from Canada and two from the US.

Mary Patterson is a self-taught artist from Victoria, BC who is also a Le Cordon Bleu chef and author of the 2007 illustrated cookbook Special cookbook.

“The devil has a rich history and existed for me in Anglicanism as a child. Lucifer was a dark figure who was willing to punish children at the first sign of disobedience. Contemporary Hollywood culture has spawned films like Rosemary’s Baby, which fill us with images of the devil that linger in the subconscious long after the film is finished.”

Andy Dykeman is a self-taught artist living in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Andy was a punk rock drummer, forensic autopsy assistant and now a practicing chiropractor. Most of Andy’s work is based on a variety of found materials. The pieces in this exhibition were created on old X-ray cases. Chiropractor by day, artist by night.

Steve Moseley was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He is a self-taught artist who has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and has worked as a medical research technician for 10 years. After his marriage and the birth of his first child, he decided to remain a father. To occupy his free time, he started out making ship-in-bottles, but then switched to making whimsey bottles on the advice of a friend and bottle collector, using his keen sense of humor to create art and at times push the boundaries of sex, politics and religion.

Steve’s art has been featured in the internationally acclaimed outsider art magazine Raw Vision and his work at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in the USA; The Intuit Gallery for Outsider Art in Chicago, USA; and at the Art Cru gallery in Berlin, Germany.


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