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YOKOHAMA, Japan, July 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ejworks Corporation announced that digital artwork from Kow Yokoyama, a well-known mechanical engineering company, will appear on the OpenSea marketplace as a non-fungible token (NFT) August 6, 2021, for the first time in the world. Yokoyama, one of the active Japanese market leaders in the world of mechanical design, is known for his masterpiece “Machine Warriors” and also for mechanical design for Japanese games and films.

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On the occasion of the publication of the NFT art, he answered his thoughts on his past and future works in an interview with the ejworks Corporation.


In this collection, Yokoyama publishes four works of his most famous illustrations of science fiction weapons, including his latest work “BLACK DOG 2021” by “Maschinen Krieger”.

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NFTs and auction details
Start time: 12:30 (UTC), August 6, 2021
End time: 23:00 (UTC), August 9, 2021

Image 2: “Snowman painting 2018”
– price: $ 500 & up
– NFTs produced: 1 unit

Image 3: “Big Nut SAFS”
– price: $ 500 & up
– NFTs produced: 1 unit

Image 4: “Operation Super Hammer”
– price: $ 500 & up
– NFTs produced: 1 unit

Image 5: “BLACK DOG 2021”
– price: $ 500 & up
– NFTs produced: 1 unit

Kow Yokoyama
Yokoyama, the most famous Japanese illustrator and model maker, graduated from Musashino Art University’s Department of Japanese Painting in 1980. His representative work is “Maschinen Krieger ZbV3000 (SF3.D ORIGINAL).”

Machines Krieger ZbV3000
“Maschinen Krieger” is a science fiction mechanical work from 1980. The series was originally published in the regular game series of “SF3D” in a monthly magazine and is still in almost the same world as it was then. Their plastic models that appear in the series are very popular with fans. It is often called “Ma.K.” abbreviated.

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ejworks Corporation develops, offers and supports the operation of NFT platforms for artists. The company promotes the sale of NFT galleries in its VR space and supports the associated DX use of NFTs for the game or publishing industry, as well as for leisure or commercial establishments.

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