Michael Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa donate paintings to MNBAQ


British-Colombian art collectors Michael Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa have donated eight paintings by Quebec artist Paul-Émile Borduas to the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ).

The eight paintings, which together are worth nearly $9 million, date from the 1950s: Grenouille on Fond Bleu (1944), arabesque (1955), graphic (1955), Modulation Aux Points Noirs (1955), Schematic Figures (1956),chatter (1957), Untitled (1957), Untitled (1959).

This art donation comes after Audain and Karasawa donated 39 works by artist Jean Paul Riopelle to MNBAQ from their family foundation.

Jean-Luc Murray, Director General of MNBAQ, said the generosity of BC’s patrons shows their respect for Borduas’ work.

“Your donation not only brings back to Quebec iconic works by an artist who is an integral part of Québec’s art history, but also helps revitalize our collective memory of a pivotal time in our province. These exceptional collectors deserve our full recognition and deep appreciation,” said Murray.

Audain echoed Murray’s feelings about the patrons’ deep respect for the artist’s work.

“Through this gift, Yoshi and I want to highlight the artist’s boldness, courage and uncompromising pursuit of artistic freedom. His painting was both innovative and captivating,” said Audain.

“Borduas has inspired a generation of young men and women to throw off the shackles of dead-end artistic practices to embrace the right to cultural freedom. While we will miss the works in our home, we are delighted to be returning a significant number of Bordua’s works to his native Québec.”

MNBAQ will host the exhibition showcasing Bordoua’s titled masterpieces starting February 24, 2022 latent energies. Paul-Émile Borduas in the present. The donation of Michael J. Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa.


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