Most US startups that rely on freelance developers have had positive experiences


Are you faced with a dilemma – to hire a freelance developer or not to hire a freelance developer? If so, then you can move on to a freelance developer without thinking further.

According to the latest report from, 71% of respondents confirmed that their previous experience of working with freelance developers was good or very good. In addition, 40% of respondents said they would strongly recommend that other companies hire freelance developers. Freelance Developer Survey

Companies like to work with freelance developers. 44% of respondents rated their experience working with freelance developers as good, while 27% of respondents rated their experience as very good.

As we can see, a significant number of respondents (71%) have had positive experiences working with freelance developers.

Only 7% of companies have had bad or very bad experiences working with freelance developers.


The positive experience with freelance developers has encouraged entrepreneurs to recommend freelance developers to other entrepreneurs.

86% of respondents would recommend freelance developers to their fellow entrepreneurs.

Only 1% of respondents said they would not recommend freelance developers to their co-entrepreneurs.

Alexander Volodarskiy, founder and CEO of “Hiring freelancers has been a gray and lonely zone for years. Everyone does that, but nobody talks about it. Startups talk about building a culture and finding the best first-time employees possible, but we seldom mention that our MVPs were built by Ukrainian guys from a city whose name we can’t pronounce, or by an Indian girl who’ll be there in just two weeks Work has done days. So we figured this would be a good time to talk about how and why we work with freelance developers. “

Reasons for Hiring a Freelance Developer

Businesses can get several benefits from hiring freelance developers.

25% of respondents said that freelance developers are more affordable and flexible than in-house developers.

Additionally, 20% of respondents indicated that freelance developers can bring a greater variety of skills with them.

In the ongoing pandemic, more and more companies are embracing the culture of remote work. And a freelance developer can easily fit into a distributed team.

So it’s not surprising that 16% of respondents hired a freelance developer because they have a distributed team.

Why companies shy away from hiring a freelance developer

Working with a freelance developer can benefit businesses in many ways. But not all of them work with freelance developers.

The survey gave the following reasons why respondents had never hired a freelance developer:

  • 18% of respondents aren’t sure they can afford a freelance developer
  • 14% of respondents do not trust the skills of a freelance developer
  • 14% of respondents haven’t hired a freelance developer just because they were concerned about their intellectual property

As a small business owner, your first responsibility is to reduce operating costs in order to increase profits. So, hiring a freelance developer fits well with your business strategy.

If intellectual property isn’t your thing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be partnering with a skilled freelance developer to save you money.

However, hiring the right freelance developer can be tricky. So you should do your research before making the final decision.

You can check this list of 35 freelance websites to find a qualified freelance developer for your project.

About the survey conducted the survey to understand what companies think of working with freelance developers. 300 representatives from companies registered in the United States took part in the survey. It was carried out from February 2020 to June 2020.



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