Negros City Painting Tilt named winner



BACOLOD CITY: As part of its efforts to alleviate the situation of local artists, the Cadiz City Government honored the winners of their 54th Charter Day Painting Contest at ceremonies held on Saturday 3rd July at the Cadiz City Arena, the winner of the first edition of the painting contest who received prize money of Pd. 30,000. Onatin is an employee of the Cadiz Tourist Office and comes from a family of artists. Mayor Salvador Escalante Jr. said, “If the government can invest in sport, we should also invest in our local artists to make a living.” The Mayor added that the competition will give Cadiz City artists “a place to improve their craft”. The competition is limited to 40 places, but because 60 wanted to participate, we accepted all of them, he said. Escalante added, “Let’s move on through art in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic.” Other winners were Giovanni Demasu-ay, 2nd place; Zarek Onatin, 3rd; Rusty Quiatchon, 4th; and Renmar Baring, 5. Consolation prizes were at P5,000 each. Escalante said with the overwhelming success of their painting contest, “the city government plans to hold a provincial and state-wide contest.” We will also get help from sponsors. Cadiz City is about two hours north of the capital, Negros Occidental, and is known for its beaches, mountain resorts, and fishing industry.



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