nemom up school: paintings decorate the nemom up school building | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: Nemom UP School classrooms now have a new look with colorful paintings and furniture. The new building, constructed as part of the state government’s campaign to revitalize public education, has been painted in a way that involves and educates the children. On the building are images of various animals, birds and some chapters from their textbooks, including Malayalam textbooks and mathematics lessons.
“I believe that improving the basic facilities provided by the school has led to an increase in admissions. There is an increase of about 300 students in the last four years and that is only due to the services of the education department. So far we have tried to improve the quality of education through many activities. This includes teacher training,” said AS Mansoor, Head of School.
Nemom UP School has always tried to offer various activities for the children to improve the quality of education, both academically and for other extracurricular activities, including “pusthakachuvarukal”, a project that installed a small library in every classroom .
Now the school has also taken an initiative to improve teachers’ knowledge in the field of information technology through training.
The training also includes techniques to improve teachers’ academic input and this is conveyed to teachers by dividing them into three groups. The courses take place on alternative days with a duration of one to two hours. The teacher training session is led by school resource group conveners.

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