New cultural awareness exhibition “Not Another Second” honors LGBT + seniors and advocates of a more acceptable future


For LGBT + seniors, coming out was infinitely more difficult than it is today. As a result, many have lost years in which they were not fully their authentic selves and were unable to openly love whom they chose. Not Another Second, recognize and celebrate the victim, Courage and the contribution of LGBT + elders, while at the same time sharing wisdom with future generations so as not to waste a second.

A collaboration between the pioneering nonprofit SAGE, Watermark Retirement Communities, and Brooklyn’s iconic new luxury senior citizen community The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights, Not Another Second offers audiences an open look at the private and public lives of 12 LGBT + elders who

They represent a wide range of different backgrounds, professions and ethnicities. These include a retired politician, military veteran, a Stonewall survivor, and Black Panther.

These stories are told through a series of compelling portraits that intersect personal life experiences at a time when it was a crime to be an LGBT + person. The exhibition by well-known German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen, known for his award-winning “Happy at 100” series, which focuses on centenarians from around the world, also celebrates their personal ways of choosing an open life and finding love and camaraderie. Every moving portrait is accompanied by the number of years lost in the closet and not as her true, authentic self.

“In the 80s and 90s, everyone was scared to death about coming out. They didn’t know who to trust, ”said Richard Prescott, who can be seen with his husband in the“ Not Another Second ”exhibition. “I think I lost many years not being myself. That is why this campaign is so important. Not only can we share our stories, but we can also encourage younger generations who are still afraid to be who they are . “

The emotionally charged exhibition curated and installed by nAscent Art features state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) technology from Kaleida Studio. “AR enables patrons to experience the emotionally charged stories of every LGBT + senior in a new, interactive way and to add a whole new dimension to already moving photography,” said Jennifer Wallace, co-founder of nAscent Art.

Not Another Second made its national exhibition debut in January 2021 at the art gallery of Watermark’s newest Élan Collection community, The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights on 21 Clark Street in Brooklyn.

Free public and socially distanced tours of the Not Another Second exhibit at The Watermark in Brooklyn Heights are available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. A reservation is required to view the exhibition. To book and reserve your timed ticket, please visit: After its debut in Brooklyn, the exhibition Not Another Second will tour the country throughout 2021, with stops at the art galleries of the Élan Collection in Los Angeles; Napa, California; and Tucson, Arizona.

AR technology allows visitors to experience open, one-on-one interviews with the 12 LGBT + elders as they share their stories of integrity, resilience and humanity while paving a better path for future generations. These stories come from individuals who were part of the generation that led the Stonewall uprising, founded the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), and helped end US military policy commonly known as the not not say. “

The portraits are also featured on and in a hardcover printed book that includes more than 100 photos of the featured LGBT + seniors and expands on their individual stories. The interactive website will also feature a short documentary and invite young people to ask questions and receive advice from LGBT + elders through an “Ask A Senior” program. All funds raised through the Not Another Second campaign and book will be donated to support young LGBT + people.

The SAGE and Watermark Retirement Communities exhibit is designed to recognize the needs, contributions, and ongoing challenges of the three million LGBT + elders currently living in the United States and to work for a more accepting future. It was inspired by Watermark’s commitment to be the first nationwide Senior Living Management company to earn SAGECare Platinum accreditation (the highest SAGE educational accreditation standard) for its 60+ senior communities. The accreditation signals the extensive LGBT + skills training that Watermark has conducted to

recognize and meet the needs of this aging population and create a knowledgeable, inclusive and non-discriminatory living and working environment.

“SAGECare Platinum accreditation demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion of all individuals and groups, including the LGBT + community,” said David Barnes, President and CEO of Watermark. “To this day, this group of people faces challenges that have to be overcome

accepted. This exhibition reminds us that we cannot take our rights for granted and must continue to work towards a more acceptable future for all. “

“Not Another Second is a fine example of Watermark’s commitment to honoring the lives and histories of LGBT elders who refuse to be invisible. Over the decades, LGBT elders have demonstrated what it means to be resilient and even live vibrant and fulfilling lives in the face of discrimination, “said

Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE. “Too often, the achievements of LGBT pioneers are pushed aside or hidden in closets as they get older. SAGE is proud to partner with Watermark to ensure that the voices of LGBT elders are drawn from the shadows and widely celebrated by showcasing passionate activists

who have fought since Stonewall, the significant influence they have had on our movement, and the spirit that inspires us to continue to strive for progress for all LGBT people. “

The creative concept of Not Another Second, filmed entirely before COVID-19, was developed by New York-based agency RXM Creative. The video testimonials were directed by Sharkey Weinberg and produced by Convicts NYC media company, also known for the New York Governor’s viral video “NY Tough” Andrew Cuomo.

Not Another Second is the inaugural campaign of the physical and digital Watermark Cultural Series, a new program of public art gallery exhibitions and cultural events hosted in Watermark communities nationwide.

To learn more about Not Another Second or to make an appointment to view the Brooklyn exhibit, please visit

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