Once in a Generation of Texas Artists Completes Large Portrait Work “Madame Tex”


The artist with “Madame Tex”

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The first work in generations to rival Sargent’s Madame X

I have an uncompromising focus on the best of the best for the world’s most demanding clients.”

—Kevin G Saunders

SAN ANTONIO, TX, Aug. 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the age of digital snapshots, a Texas portrait artist has adhered to the traditional portrait genre of fine art and recently completed a major portrait work reminiscent of the Grand Scale Portraits of John Singer Sargent in the 1800s. Based in San Antonio, TX, Kevin G. Saunders creates old-school portraits that compare to traditional paintings with a touch of high tech.

Saunders says, “I have a gift of composition and insight that went unrealized for decades, until 2014 when fine art portraiture called me. I decided to do the work at the time to earn my reputation as a portrait artist of this generation for large scale wall portraits. He transitioned from large-scale architectural photography to a studio capable of producing portraits up to 120 inches tall to honor the legacy of today’s leaders.

John Singer Sargent created Madame X in 1883 and Saunders’ story about his masterpiece Madame Tex is fascinating. He says: “I make a living producing portraits for clients, but I had a vision of this image for fifteen years. Sarah Lucero Calhoon is a San Antonio Renaissance woman who was a news anchor, wife and mother and is an Ironman triathlete at age 50. She is the subject of the 60 x 96 inch portrait that is now complete.

Calhoon says of the project, “I’ve known Kevin for a long time and I knew he had a talent that went unrecognized. I am so grateful that he included me in this project that will define him as an international portrait artist.”

The work will be exhibited at Saunders’ studio in San Antonio and exhibited internationally. Visit kgsstudios.com for more information

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Portrait Session to create “Madame Tex” with Sarah Lucero Calhoon


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