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This promising news post contains a short list we’ve put together for you that will give us a boost at a time when temperatures are falling and daylight hours are low. The possibilities point forward with generosity and light. In the meantime, let’s spotlight two artists you should know: Taji Ra’oof Nahl and Richard Watson, both with shows now open.

Richard Watson and Betty Leacraft in the African American Museum in Philadelphia


Richard Watson

I met two artist friends, Betty Leacraft and Richard Watson, at Watson’s exhibition at the African American Museum in Philadelphia on a day when the artist was giving an insightful gallery talk about the cross-career exhibition of his beautiful, complex, and politically questioning work. The exhibition “Portals + Revelations: Richard J. Watson Beyond Realities” can be seen until March 6, 2022. Time-limited tickets required. Highly recommended for the depth and breadth of the subject, from portraits of loved ones to altars of spiritual quest and assemblages about armed violence. The show will blow your mind for their beauty and ingenuity with the materials. You should know this unknown artist, who admitted in his lecture that he wanted to be a “preacher or a painter” as a teenager. Don’t miss this opportunity to awaken to the art of Richard Watson.

Taji Ra’oof Nahl

“Voices and Visionaries” on Cherry Street Pier, organized by Philadelphia Sculptors and running until January 8, 2022, includes one of Artblog’s favorite visionaries, Taji Ra’oof Nahl. Spend some time watching the performance video (above) of “GASLIGHT – The new Kabuki Theater” performed on Cherry Street Pier, where Taji brought together several artists and musicians to tell stories of poetry, spoken word and music, which add up to a condemnation of the present state of the world. The stories come from what Taji calls “the white papers”. His non-linear narrative mentions blockchain and surveillance, human genome editing, Amazon’s killing of mom and pop businesses, Stockholm Syndrome, secret treaties with the US, Pfizer and other countries, and more. At one point a procession places a cage with a mirror in front of the performers. The cage acts as a prop from which sticks are plucked and replaced, and around which the action and music play. Another artist sings and speaks of Pfizer making more money than ever before, and says, also with regard to blockchain: “Is your God God or is your God money? When your god is money, your god is always hungry. ”Taji and the other artists urgently warn against a world as they see it, a world that cannot be repaired. Stick to this tormented story and you will also hear of hope in people who have come together in spiritual practice.



Rittenhouse Square art fair. Applications for our show in June 2022 in our beloved Philadelphia are now open! For more information about the show and to apply, visit our website.


Powell Lane Arts will open in Collingswood, NJ on January 6, 2022.
In addition to welcoming a new year in January, a new art space opens in the Philadelphia area: Powell Lane Arts. Powell Lane Arts is the creation of the mother-daughter team of Carol Taylor-Kearney, visual artist / teacher / curator, and Caroline Kearney, musician. Together they hope to bring visual artists, musicians, writers and art lovers together in their boutique. Their stated mission is “# Art4Everyone”. Events take place throughout the year. Powell Lane will open its doors on January 6th in Collingswood, New Jersey. The first program is their Inaugural Winter Invitational, which has an opening reception on Saturday, January 8th, from 3pm to 6pm.

For more information contact:
Caroline Kearney
Powell Lane Arts
6 Powell Lane, Collingswood, NJ 08108
(609) 221-6922
[email protected]


Artist Grant grants a visual artist a grant of US $ 500 per cycle of scholarships and grants for 2nd and 3rd place grants of US $ 100. There are four funding cycles per year. Applications are due on January 15th. The cost to apply is $ 25. Sworn by former fellow Tony Vazquez-Figueroa. (via Cultureworks)

The Russell J. Efros Foundation’s Sprout Fund was launched “to provide direct funding to artists across the country to provide funding for projects that will be completed within the next 12 months. Artists are also encouraged to apply for funds for projects that involve their communities, such as art classes, therapy, outreach, and non-traditional projects. ”Funds will be used primarily for artists working with marginalized and underserved audiences, subjects, or issues. Funding is ongoing and rolling. (via Cultureworks)

To learn

Are you interested in buying a house? The William Way LGBT Community Center has teamed up with TD Bank to host a “Path to Home Ownership” boot camp. Register now for this January virtual series. Register here. Seminars take place every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. from January 12th to June 15th, 2022.

Colorful poster advertising seminar series on the subject of home ownership especially for LGBTQ +

Colorful poster advertising seminar series on the subject of home ownership especially for LGBTQ +


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